Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Genesis Woods

Today’s Author Highlight comes from another one-fourth of the SWP group, Genesis Woods.


Born in Detroit, MI but raised in Long Beach, CA, Genesis’s overactive imagination often got her into a lot of trouble in her household. When she wasn’t outside causing havoc, you could find her in her room reading, writing or drawing. Her love for art ultimately took over once she entered middle school, pushing her love for writing to the back burner. Once Genesis graduated from High School and entered college, the writing bug came back in full force. Whenever she wasn’t studying for exams, doing homework, or working, you could find her writing in one of the many journals she purchased for herself. She is signed to Blake Karrington Presents… and What Bae Won’t Do was the first novel under his publishing company. Her debut novel was the self-published book titled All or Nothing: Truly Loving Destiny, that’s when her dreams of becoming a writer became reality. (Which is NOW available on

Genesis currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her 2 beautiful daughters.

Author Central: Genesis Woods
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Instagram: Six2Cutie
Twitter: thebeginning616
Group: SWP


How long have you been writing novels?
First just let me say that I’ve been writing ever since I was 11 years old. Poetry and short stories were my favorite, but once I discovered I could draw and paint, my love for art took over. Fast forward some years later, I started writing poetry again and have been doing it ever since. It has only been a year since I started writing novels. I had stories in my head and life that wanted to be put on paper, so why not tell them???

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is coming up with characters that I can make do the things I wish I coulda, shoulda or woulda done in real life myself.

How do you come up with your characters?
My characters are based off of people I know. I take a little bit of something from my friends and family that I love and or hate about them and come up with a character based off of that.

What character would you say is most like you and why?
I would say JaNair, because I was in a similar situation to hers. I was dating all of these loser and over looking the boy next door who wanted to give me the world. Sadly he moved to TX with no plans of coming back…We still keep in touch though through phone calls and FB…

Who are your literary influences?
My literary influences are veteran authors like Zane, Thomas Slater, Carl Weber, Ashley & JaQuavis, Noire, Blake Karrington, Farrah Rochon etc..As well as some new age authors such as Leanora Moore, Lena Skye, Skylar Cross, Candace Mumford, David Weaver, Brick & Storm, Sapphire, Sherene Holly-Cain, Jessica Wren, and Mz Demeanor aka Ms. Flack!!!!

When you do sit down to write, where do you go, setting wise?
My bedroom or my kitchen. LOL!!! I have two daughters under 5 so it’s hard for me to set the type of mood I really want to write in, but I get it done non the less.

Tell the readers something exciting about yourself.
Hmmm… Along with writing books, I also have a party decoration company that own. I’ll try anything once whether it’s food or doing something crazy!!! And one of my biggest pet peeves is people asking me why do I wear heels when I’m 6’2″!!!

What is next on your plate?
I have a BWWM (Black Woman White Man) book coming out soon. After that, What Bae Won’t Do 3 will be released. I’m also working on some collabs with a couple of authors!!! So stay tuned!!!!

What Bae Won’t Do: The Next Man Will 1 & 2


What happens when the boy next door, doesn’t want to be your homeboy anymore? That’s the exact question twenty-five year old, JaNair Livingston, had to ask herself when the sexy and charming, Semaj Jones, wanted to become more than just her neighbor. Any woman in their right mind would be attracted to the tall, dark, talented and sexy Mr. Jones. So what was JaNair’s problem?

Jerome Hayes, JaNair’s newest love and current boyfriend, has been sweeping her off of her feet since the day they met. Already feeling that JaNair is the one for him, Jerome plans to do any and everything to keep her in his life; even if it means keeping secrets and lying to the woman he loves.

When shit starts to hit the fan, truths are exposed and lies are revealed. Will the shoulder Semaj lends for tears turn into the shoulder JaNair bites into when he shows her pleasures she’s never known? Find out what the next man is willing to do, when bae won’t.

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2 thoughts on “Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Genesis Woods

  1. Donna Davis says:

    Just read “Black Love White Lies – part 1” thought it was written very well, enjoyed it. Have a question, is Part 2 which is due on May 30, 2017 the next book in this series or an extension of Part1? The way some of book stores are giving an overview, it’s hard to be sure. Would appreciate clarification before I buy Part 2.

    Thank you


  2. April says:

    I really enjoyed “Black Love, White lies,” but I really wished that it didn’t come in a part 2. I read the overview for part two and was kind of confused. I really hope that it continues from Audri having the baby and Cairo right by her side, instead of just jumping into something totally different. But I am planning on purchasing the book to find out. I hope that I want be disappointed. Great story line by the way!


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