Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Sherene Holly Cain

Today’s Author Highlight is the final one-fourth of the SWP group, Sherene Holly Cain.


Sherene Holly Cain was born 3 months early in a car to Gwendolyn Baker and Sammie Holly. Raised in Compton, CA she is currently 40+ and married with 3 beautiful children. She enjoys reading, singing, cooking and of course writing. When she’s not writing, she working at a full time government job; which she hopes to one day put down in order to pursue writing on a full time basis. At the tender age of 9 she began her craft by writing a stage play, several poems, songs and short stories thereafter. She currently writes African American Urban fiction but plans to write in other genres as well. One of her many focuses is to use her writing to uplift others and to help the abused and broken hearted see that no matter their circumstances, they can prevail.

Her writing career took off in November 2014 when she met Tiece Mickens and was signed to Tiece Presents under Writehouse Publishing. Her published works include Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart and Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart 2.

How long have you been writing novels?
I’ve been writing since 2012 – seven years after my grandfather came to me in a dream and told me to.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is having the power over what happens to the characters I bring to life. I live vicariously through my characters.

What genre do you write in and/or are you looking to write in sometime time in the future?
African American Urban Romance Fiction but at some point I’d like to explore other genres like Paranormal or Young Adult.

How do you come up with your characters?
I come up with my characters as the atmosphere of the story progresses. For instance if I have a character who Is being abused, I might add a strong best friend to support her or another abuser to make her life miserable.

What character would you say is most like you and why?
The Character that is most like me is Delisha because she is so sensual and passionate. She is so strong but has the appearance of being very weak.

Who are your literary influences?
My literary influences are Alex Haley, Zane, Authoress M. Flack, Terry McMillan, Tiece Mickens, and Alice Walker.

If you could go any one place, no matter the price, and spend a week there and write, where would it be?
I picture myself in St Lucia lying on a sandy beach with an umbrella drink in my hand.


Psychiatrist, Glenda Ross loves working with women and has agreed to help a group of friends. However, her experience didn’t prepare her for these four women.

Lousa Barrymore thought she’d found the man of her dreams when she met handsome, Bryan Cruise. He’d swept her away from an abusive relationship. Unbeknownst to her, he turns out to be somewhat of the same nature. She finds unimaginable ways to stop the beatings, but she may not be able to survive the aftermath.

Free-spirited singer, Delisha Mathews doesn’t want to be tied down to anything except her music, her job and her upcoming record deal. But, her lover, Marcus Daniels, is hell-bent on making her his wife. When he finds out about her six-month rule and the string of broken hearts she’s left behind, he goes over the deep-end. Will this turn out to be an affair that she ultimately regrets?

Naive housewife, Shanea Townsend, is married to rich, powerful Attorney, Arlondo. She shouldn’t have a care in the world, but she’s constantly worried about her husband’s business meetings, late night phone calls, and mistresses. Will her insecurities cause her to lose her marriage and everything she’s worked so hard to keep?

Tressa Washington was the perfect wife, mother, friend and employee, but after her husband’s tragic death, she became addicted to a secret indulgence of sex and late-night hookups. Randall Seville is a one-night-stand that she can’t forget, but he has an addiction of his own. Secrets that refuse to stay buried in the perfect world that they’ve created may threaten to claim their happiness and possibly even their life.
This is an edgy, unpredictable novel that is certain to leave you wanting more.


Now that Lousa Barrymore’s abusive lifestyle with Bryan is behind her, it seems she’s looking at a brave new start with her new beau, Blair. Can Blair help her forget the nightmare of her past or will she miss out on the best thing that ever happened to her by continuing to love a man who could take her life?

Delisha Mathews had it all – a great job singing at the world famous Oasis Club, hundreds of fans and an upcoming record deal. But that all went up in smoke when a man from her past showed up and whisked her away to a dangerous place in her past. Can Delisha break free of her dangerous demise or will she succumb to the torture he subjects her to?

Shanea Townsend wants to be free of her rich and powerful husband, Arlondo, but he’s constantly finding ways to blackmail her into staying in the rocky, adulterous, marriage even if it means hurting those she loves. Will she be able to survive Arlondo’s antics or will she do something drastic to rid herself of him?

Now that Tressa Washington and her fiancé Randall Seville have confessed the rocky secrets of their past addictions, another threat comes in the form of Tressa’s former lover and pimp, Kane. Will Tressa have to give up her perfect future to find the son she left behind?

Dr. Ross tries to step in and turn things around once again but at this point, there’s no telling what will happen.

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