Author Highlight: Interviewing Author Ronald Griffin

Today’s Author Highlight it Ronald Griffin.


Author Ronald Edward Griffin is a self-published author from jones county (one of the country sides of Macon ha) who has accomplished his lifelong dream of publishing a novel with his debut Blood Stained Lives. He has a love for paranormal fantasy stories but is testing his mantle with new genres with upcoming horror and dramatic romance titles coming soon. When not writing he works full time at his local Cracker Barrel as the retail merchandiser. He also spends as much time with his adorable soon to be 5 year old daughter who shares a passion for reading along with a vivid imagination. Could there be a future writer on his hands? Only time will tell.

Twitter: @bloodstained81
LinkedIn: Ronald Edward Griffin
Instagram: Bloodstained81
Pinterest: Bloodstained81
Snapchat: Bloodstained478



What do you do when you one day discover your parents sacrificed their lives to protect you because of a secret. The secret being that you’re one of the last White Wolves a rare race of werewolves imbued with powers to fight demons and other monsters that fill the nightmares of men? Namon discovers this fact and is slingshot into a world he isn’t ready for. With so much loss how can one man overcome such overwhelming odds and embrace his destiny? With the help of newfound friends and the love of a mysterious woman Aluana. Will they be enough to stop the vampire master Cyrus and his plans of unleashing an unstoppable demonic dragon? Will Namon exact his vengeance upon Cyrus for causing the deaths of those he loves? Blood Stained Lives has something for everyone. Love, drama, despair, comedy, light hearted fun with lovable characters such as Oz the last gremlin who Namon develops a close bond with. A wide variety of characters helps develop a story that I’m proud to say is unlike any other.

Namon and his friends were able to stop Cyrus and destroy the dragon Galamythe once and for all. They have become heroes and loved by all so you would think the only way they can go is up right? Wrong! New creatures move in to the city of Macon and start swaying the public opinion of Namon and his friends. Masters of deception start implicating them in matters very unbecoming of the heroes they are. Plus with the whole group going their own ways for a short period of time make it easier to divide them. Who is jewel? The foul mouthed sassy pixie could she be a friend or foe? A shapeshifting master Norman enters the fold to keep everyone guessing. Then the biggest mystery of all who is Lily? Why has one of the group fallen for her so fast? Many more monsters, demons, and drama fill these pages as you learn who is the real deal and who just adds to the deception.


When did you publish your first book?
My first book was published August of 2013 just in time for my birthday which is August 28th

What made you pick your genre?
Ever since I was a child I’ve had a fascination with Wolves, Sharks, and dinosaurs. As I got older I was drawn to just about any movie involving all of those especially paranormal stuff such as werewolves. Stephen Kings Silver bullet was my first and favorite werewolf movie to watch.

What forces or who did you is the inspiration behind some of your characters?
A lot of my characters personalities are based off of people I know or grew up with I just changed the names. Other characters I tend to create off a whim.

Do you plan on writing outside of your current genre?
Actually now that you mention it I’ve been working on an anthology Turning Tides which is sort of a romance anthology that finds the characters having to overcome difficult or impossible relationship possibilities. They have to find a way to “turn the tide”

What character, that you’ve written, are you most like?
I’ve been told by those closest to me that I’m most like the main character Namon in Blood Stained Lives.

Who are your literary influences?
Ilona Andrews, Stephen King, Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn, and Steve Alten.

Describe what your support system is like.
My support system are my fans. Whether they are close friends or people I’ve never met before. It’s their love for the story that keeps me going. I do love telling a story 🙂

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