Author Highlight: Book Review of The Bell House by Lori Titus

Today’s Author Highlight is of Lori Titus.

Lori Titus

Now this is a little more different than what I’ve been doing. But I needed to get this out while it was still fresh in my mind. I am going to give you all a book review of The Bell house by Lori Titus. It is available for pre-order right now and will be released July 15, 2015. For purchasing information, please click on the link.

The Bell House

I received an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of The Bell House by Lori Titus. It has 476 pages and the synopsis for the book is as follows:

After a family tragedy, Jenna Bell McBride returns to her Father’s ancestral home, a bitter half sister, and painful memories that have remained secret. What force remains tied to their family land, waiting to draw in more victims?

I would like to first start off by saying. This is an awesome read. If I could design a category to place it under, it would be considered a historical, paranormal, realistic fiction; if you will. It’s more than a story about ghosts from the past haunting people in the present, more than a story about a man who was married who cheated on his wife and the “love child” feeling some type of way. This is a story about generational curses, deep-rooted family secrets, jealousy, death and the dead wanting vengeance by taking it out on the living. This story is about the sins of lineage passing itself down until it is destroyed.

The Bell House kept me reading from page to page. I love how the author, Lori Titus, was able to tell the story in both present day and in the past, without losing me. When you thought one character, Diana, had a heart, she proved otherwise. She allowed herself to be angry, filled with rage and hateful, allowing the evil spirits to dwell on them and grow in “strength.” She was quite the opposite of Jenna, the more reserved, nicer and caring of the two sisters. I won’t give you any spoilers BUT… part of the reason she acted how she did was due to her son. The son is a critical turning point in understanding Diana.

I definitely give this book a 5. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Titus as this is the first book I’ve read by her.

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