Author Highlight: Interviewing Author C. C. Genovese

Today’s Author Highlight is Author C. C. Genovese.


C. C. Genovese is a male erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. He has a passion for telling passionate tales that take the average woman (or man) and places her (or him) in erotic positions. Life isn’t prude so why should we be? If you’re under the age of 18, or if you get offended easily, please don’t purchase these books. If you’re ready to be entertained, aroused, and brought to emotional climax then please do.

All his books are currently $.99 and FREE for Kindle Unlimited. You can find them all at his Amazon page here:

Also check out C.C.’s website at where you can get up to date info on C.C.’s books, see dirty pics, and even read FREE Maybe Mandy diary entries. To sign up for C.C.’s newsletter and get promotion and new book announcements, go to


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Kinky Carnival Games cover

He gripped my ass, tight, nails and all, and forced me back on top of him. His grip spread my pussy inside my panties and it hurt just a little. For a second I thought he might take me right there in the car and I silently begged him to. “You don’t understand,” he said.

“I don’t.”

“I want you so bad right now. I want to get out, bend you over the hood, and take you right here on the highway.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

That would be one hell of a plan, I thought.

He bit his bottom lip and rapped his knuckles against the window. He seemed a bit frustrated but then he looked me in the eyes and that blue metallic sheen on them seemed to sparkle.

“We could do that,” he said “but then it would be over too quickly. You deserve more than this, not just what any other guy would do. I’m going to show you something different. Let’s do this right.”

“Are you inviting me back to your place?” I asked, hoping, wishing that would be the case.

“Not quite. Want to hear one of my favorite questions from the game?”

Okay, this might be interesting.

I kissed him again, this time letting my tongue seep out just a bit. He did the same but he refused to just let it go. He held back.

Damn him for holding back.

“Ask me,” I said.

“Have you ever had sex in a public place?”

Oh man, yeah, this was going to get interesting.

“Not really. In a sauna once but no one else was in there.”

He smiled and cocked an eyebrow. “A sauna? Nice.”

“Look, I don’t really want to go to a public place. Just take me somewhere private.”

I want to fuck you, you idiot, I thought.

But simple sex wasn’t the only thing he had in mind. He wanted this night to last and he had quickly formed an idea in his head. He’d planned a night that would drive me wild.

“No, private won’t do,” he said.

“So where are you taking me?”

“Where we were going in the first place, to the carnival.”

“I really don’t want to go to the fair,” I said.

He reached up under my skirt, palmed my pussy, and said, “Trust me. You do.”

And suddenly I did.

Kinky Carnival Games Teaser 1

What inspired you to start writing?
I started writing when I was a teenager. I learned to type without looking and I guess I was just a dork. I liked it. I played high school football and I remember pretending to type on the bus seat in front of me on our way to games. I started writing a cheesy young adult romance story that all the girls in my classes liked. I’d pass the notebooks around and they’d encourage me to keep writing. I just never stopped. I’m always writing something.

Why did you pick erotica?
That’s funny. It actually started on a dare. I was dabbling in horror and dark fantasy and an author friend of mine thought my style would work well in erotica. I said, “Get out of here. No way.” So she dared me. She said she’d write a short horror if I’d write a short erotica. I jokingly said I was going to write a story about a girl who gets fucked on a Ferris wheel. She thought it was a great idea. I was totally kidding but decided to try it anyway. And now we have Kinky Carnival Games, Maybe Mandy’s first adventure.

How did you come to write from a female point of view?
At the risk of sounding like a rambling moron, I think women are just so much more complex. I’ll write a story from a guy’s point of view at some point, but I just think there’s so much more involved for a woman. It’s just…more interesting writing from their perspective. And I guess it allows me to get in touch with my feminine side, haha.

Have you ever co-authored a book? Which one?
No, I haven’t. I’ve had authors mention it before so it’s possible I’ll do it in the future but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. Who writes what? Could be fun. I saw that Selena Kitt and Blake Crouch wrote a book together. If you don’t already know, she’s big in erotica and he’s a horror/supernatural kind of writer. So that’s a collaboration I need to read. Something like that would be fun to do.

How do you balance writing and your personal life?
I write whenever I can. I’m married with 4 kids and each member of my family is one of my best friends so spending time away from them is tough. I usually write at night when everyone else is asleep. I’ve tried the waking up early in the morning to write thing…yeah not really for me. The alarm goes off, I look at the clock, then I smack he clock and tell it to mind its own business. I cannot wait for the day that I’m writing full time and can have my own studio with movie scores blasting in the background and an awesome view of the mountains right outside the window. That’s the writer’s life I want.

What authors have inspired your writing?
Wow. That’s a loaded question. Stephen King just because I admire how he’s able to pump out stories so fast. In erotica I can’t really say there’s any one person who inspired me. Oh! I take that back? Listen to this.

When I was a kid, my dad was a maintenance supervisor for an apartment building. Whenever someone moved out, if they didn’t come back to clean up the place by a certain date, the maintenance team would get to pick through the leftovers and keep whatever they found. My dad let me go with him one time to scavenge through this apartment.

I’ve always loved reading and I came across a stack of books so I swiped ’em up and took ’em home. Later, as I was really going through them, I came across this book called Nice Girls Do. I have no idea who the author was. There was no dust jacket, just a plain grey, shabby cover. I started reading it and holy shit. It was the first erotica I ever encountered. All about some girl having sex a lot. I don’t remember much other than it being really nasty…at least to my twelve-year-old mind. I loved it. I think that might be when the erotica bug bit me. I’ve never really thought about it before. I still think that erotic writing is way sexier than actual porn. The imagination is a truly powerful thing!

Are there any other genres you might try out?
I’m sure I’ll eventually go back to writing some horror and dark fantasy. I love writing screenplays too.

Tell us one unique thing about yourself.

I have this annoying habit of trying to race the toilet. It drives my wife nuts. So when I’m peeing I’ll sometimes flush before I’m finished just to see if I can finish before the toilet does. Seriously, true story.

3 thoughts on “Author Highlight: Interviewing Author C. C. Genovese

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m new to CC. I love his books💖 His style of writing is superb! !! I was just telling my friend today that CC’S books are more sexier than porn, same as CC said above, great minds think alike lol!!! His books give you a very vivid imagination! ! He’s fantastic! !💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    I have had the pleasure of beta reading for this man. I have fallen under his spell of his erotica romance. I have his style of writing mesmerising. People keep following the Maybe Mandy….she gets even hotter. Thank you C.C. Genovese for this pleasure xx


  3. Thank you so much, Lisa and Louise, for your kind words. I really do appreciate it. I’ll keep writing as long as I have amazing women like you reading my stuff. Thanks again!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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