Author Highlight: Poet Robert Gibson

Today’s Author Highlight is Poet Robert Gibson

Passion - FCH - Appauding

Robert R. Gibson is a Barbadian writer that enjoys painting sensual images with his words. Although sensuality is his main forte, in his own words he says, “Passion is not always about sex.” Passion is anger, sorrow, enthusiasm – his poems are written to evoke intensity. He has published four anthologies of sensual and romantic poetry: EROTIC, OFFERING, SEDUCTION and QUOTES OF PASSION.

In 2011, Robert entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the national arts festival of his native Barbados with three poems – Luscious, Rain, and Goblet. All three of the poems achieved awards – Luscious received a silver award, and Goblet and Rain received bronze awards. He also received the Most Promising Poet award for the year.

In 2012, Robert entered NIFCA again and his poem Tribute received a bronze award. His poetry has been published in the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) Winning Words anthology in Barbados, the Caribbean Writer and the online St. Somewhere Journal E-zine.


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Why erotic poetry?
I write other things, but I started writing erotic poetry before I was in relationship – it was a way for me to curb the need for sex when there was no one around to have sex with. After I got into relationships, and as I was becoming PassionPoet, I realized that I love women and enjoy the feelings created when they reacted to my poetry; then it became addictive lol. I see erotic poetry as my way to make love with several women at once, through their minds!

What are you passionate about other than poetry?
Damn that’s hard lol. I am most passionate about poetry, but I am PassionPoet because I am Passionate about everything. I throw myself into the things that I love. When I was in Church, it was 100% full forward with that. Now it’s poetry.

Have you ever thought of turning one of your poems into a short story? If so, which one. If not, why not?
Never thought about it because I practice what I call “economy of words”. I take out words to leave the maximum impact with the ones that remain. I never thought about writing prose until a couple months ago when I started writing my first novel.

Describe you’re poetic delivery/style.
I’m a spoken word artist as well, so my style in delivery is to use my voice for maximum impact as the primary instrument. Pauses and intonation are just as important as the words. On the page, the line breaks are as important as the metaphors.

What influences from Barbados have you brought to poetry?
Connecting with Barbadian spoken word artists and poets has influenced my style a lot! I don’t speak on stereotypical “island” topics of sun, sea and sand but my style is heavily influenced by local poets.

What’s your favorite part of writing?
When everything flows and the words pour from my brain onto my computer screen.

What do you do in your spare time?
Facebook or Whatsapp chatting.

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Here is a sample of this spoken word poet’s work. It’s sensual, it’s sexy, it’ll make you need a glass of water.
Fingers sinking slowly
Seeking shape of orgasm
curling around my desire
in a ‘come hither’ motion

I want you
to come to me
Cum for me



Watch u moan as I stroke your walls
Legs spread
Finger buried deep within your treasure
Seeking bliss of hidden pleasure
Going ever deeper
Searching for the source
of ecstatic river
Flowing onto questing member…

And I keep stroking

Eyes locked in mutual rapture
I spell out my need
My greed to feel all of u apparent
One finger is not enough
I have to enter another
So slowly extract me from you
And taste glistening heaven


Before two digits
Reintroduced to slit
and slip again past pearly gate

By slowly tweaking fleshy knob
I release your flood
And slip and slide inside your wetness
Fingers doing little to stem the tide
Emotions collide as crescendo builds

And builds
And builds
And builds


You disintegrate…

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