Author Highlight: Author LaShawn Vasser

Today is a VERY special day. My author highlight is of LaShawn Vasser. TODAY IS ALSO HER RELEASE DAY OF A STORM IS COMING!!! HAPPY RELEASE DAY LASHAWN!!!!

LaShawn Vasser was raised in a northern suburb outside of Chicago. She developed a love of books and a passion for writing at a young age. She’s a dedicated wife and mother of three. She loves trying new recipes and cooking for big family dinners with her sisters. Those dinners always tend to be crazy and loud!

In her spare time, LaShawn enjoys kicking back with a couple of friends, a glass of wine, and having a good old fashioned gab fest. Some of her juiciest ideas have come from these times. LaShawn’s motto: good food, good family, and good friends. That’s the recipe for a good life.
Twitter: @MsLaShawnVasser

ASIC - Promo Tuesday

A Storm Is Coming is about a beautiful and tough as nails corporate attorney, Braylee Hinsdale, who must use every trick in the book to keep the handsome and powerful Alexandro Manchetti from losing everything.

Alexandro is powerful, handsome, ridiculously sexy and has just suffered an unimaginable loss.

He needs her skills as a kick-ass attorney to win what he’s being told is unwinnable. His case is unlike any other Braylee has ever faced. It will demand everything from her.

From the beginning, the pull of his sexy to her sensuousness was almost impossible to deny. A romance between them is simply out of the question. But, what can they do when neither can escape their red-hot attraction?

Some have said they can sense when A Storm Is Coming, but neither were prepared for the storms ahead.

A Storm Is Coming 3D Cover

How is “A Storm Is Coming” different from any other book you’ve put out?
ASIC is different from my other books in that in the past my heroines have been swept away into the lives of the hero; whether it was being swept away in love, life or financial. Braylee Hinsdale is successful in her own right, independent, and only has one need from her hero…love.

How much of your books, including the one that will be released June 15, comes from your outing with your friends?
Wow…that is a great question! What I will say is that none of my characters are based on real-life situations or people. However…some characters might be a mish/mash of personalities and a major exaggeration, breathed into existence, from a kernel of life. For example, Faith-Her Love Story, the characters/events are purely fictional but growing up as preacher’s kid, I’ve seen and heard ALOT. However…that particular story was a major embellishment from my perspective of a minister’s wife and wanna be First Ladies!

What’s your inspiration behind writing?
The inspiration behind my writing is my love of the dramatics. And, as a somewhat shy person, I get to become all of these amazing people that I wouldn’t otherwise get to be in the real world.

What was the push that led you to becoming published?
The push that led me to becoming published was curiosity. Curiosity in wondering could I bring characters that were in my head to life in a creative and compelling way? And, if so (in my mind anyway) then what? What’s next? I didn’t realize at the time that self-publishing was the behemoth it is today. Initially, I thought serious writers had publishers and that I would hone my talent as a self-published author until I was ready for a publisher. Obviously, that was false. And, not knowing what I didn’t know, gave me the courage to click that submit button.

Are you indie, hybrid or contractual?I am a proud INDIE (no disrespect to hybrids or contractuals)! It’s taken me a bit of time to get the hang of the publishing side of things. And, I’m still learning so much every day. However, I decided after toying around with the opportunity to work with several large publishing companies…for now…the Indie route works best for me.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Curious, Ambitious, Patient

Who are some of your favorite authors?
There are far too many to name but I was inspired to write the most by C. Jackson. I also love Brenda Jackson, Delaney Diamond, and Mallory Monroe to name a few.

What’s on your TBR list?
I have way too many books on that TBR list. Writing doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to read as much as I’d like. However…I’d say a few that jump right out at me are:

You of course!! (blogger note – thank you!!!)
Grey – E.L. James
Healed – Twyla Turner
Under the Surface – Stacey Deanne
Mind over Matter – Kaia Bennett
Michelle Hardin – Dangerous Beauty 3
Mika Jolie – Tattooed Hearts


One thought on “Author Highlight: Author LaShawn Vasser

  1. Vickie Littlejohn says:

    Lov lov Ms Vasser books, even have my Vincentian people reading her books waiting on new release thanks


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