Author Highlight: Midnite Love

Today’s author highlight is Midnite Love.


Born and raised in the “D” Detroit City Midnite Love Aka Lady Onyxx witnessed the hardcore reality of hood life. As a nonfiction author she has shared her knowledge on relationships, intimacy and sex. Her fans have also gotten a taste of her fiction urban titles as Midnite Love. Join now her as the pen meets the pavement for some raw, gritty, urban fiction at its finest. As well as her newest venture into the world of mystery and suspense.

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bitches ebook updated

Most women aren’t born bitches they are molded into them by unfortunate circumstances. My name is Stormy Weathers and the story I share is not unique. I was born in the slums of Gary, Indiana to a teenage mother and later put up for adoption to an abusive family.

After running away from home several times I finally landed on the gritty streets of Detroit city where I met the love of my life Montrellis Jones an ex convicted gangster. The consequences of fast money and hard living would eventually land me behind bars. Roll with me as I desperately struggle to survive the seedy walls of a maximum security women’s state prison.

This book is purely for entertainment purposes. While many scenes may depict true life behind bars, all may not be completely accurate. It contains – Profanity/graphic sex scenes/lesbian sex.

My week in the hole

Whoever made up the saying about your chickens coming home to roost damn sure knew what they were talking about. It wasn’t enough that I fought for my sobriety like my life depended on it. Or that I was serving my time with some of the hardest criminals in the system. Or that I punished myself harder than any judge ever could. It was now time that I faced the next phase in my torment. I honestly believe that my being thrown in the hole had nothing to do with Vannita and everything to do with karma finding her way into my life.

I had been living on and off the streets since I was a teenager. And as sad as it may seem. going to prison was actually the best thing for me. I have no doubt in my mind that the streets would eventually kill me. If it wasn’t by a John, or the hands of the dope man it was going to be the dope itself. I had fought many battles in my lifetime. The funny thing is I was always high when I engaged in battle. As least out in general population there was someone to talk to and people to help distract the fact that I was teetering on the edge of sanity. Now, as I sit alone in my concert tomb I add psychological torture to my laundry list of sufferings.

The drafty six by nine feet cell contained only a bed, a toilet that doubled as a sink and a few books on a shelf. I did have a window with an obstructed view of the yard. I spent 23 hours out of my day locked the cell. Even my meals came through a slot on a tray to eliminate contact with the guards. The lack of human contact has caused mental illness even in healthiest of inmates. Lords only knows how I was going to survive.

Ratchet Secret(1)

Save $1.00 off the cost of buying the books separately by purchasing the entire series in one book!

Book 1- I have a question for you ladies. What would you do to marry the man of your dreams? Would you be willing to risk everything for love? I did, the day I met my fiancé I knew he was my soul mate. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get him no matter what the cost. My name is Pebbles and this is my story.

Book 2- It’s me again, Pebbles. And I’m still snatching wigs on these hoes left and right. Me and my boo Adrian are finally building our life together. And guess what? We bout to have us a lil crumb snatcher! The only problem is these birds out here can’t stand to see another sister on the come up. Well they asses can fall back and have a stadium full of seats if they think a bitch like me will back down. I got my man, my new home, and bout to have a new baby. That should let you know I won’t let nothing stand in the way of our happiness. Yeah… I got a few issues I need to deal with but in the words of Kevin Hart “They gon learn today!” Pebbles is NOT to be fucked with!

Book 3- It’s me Pebbles and I’m back just as ratchet as ever! I’m still slaying the scene and these raggedy bitches have to deal with it. Me and my boo Adrian were just about to get our happily after on till Ms Fallyn showed up on the scene and tried it. I had deal with that heffa in my true diva fashion. And truth be told, once that bitch drops that load I got something epic planned for her ass. A real woman always stands her ground for her family like a true G. Let this be a lesson to any of you jump-offs out there that think they can come between the love of a man and his wife. I got three words for you bitches: Get Yo Life!

Book 4- Join Pebbles on her journey as she ties to exude the law while raising her child. What will the final outcome be to this ratchet thrill ride?

Books may also be purchased separately

Note from author: This is a mystery/ suspense title and contains Graphic Violence

Zenobia Brackett is not your typical serial killer. She’s beautiful, witty and charismatic. She is also what one would call a fashionista. Not only is she a designer, she owns her own boutique/consignment store. A childhood incident has awakened the beast that laid dormant within her. Her husband, Detective Aaron Brackett, has no idea that he shares a bed with a cold blooded killer. For the entire Baton Rouge police department, the race is on to catch The Widow Maker before she claims her next victim. Step into this titillating suspenseful thrill ride as Zenobia rids helpless wives of their deceitful husbands. All while risking everything to keep her double life a secret.

Which of your releases do you like most and why?Right now I’m loving The Widow Maker. Although all my titles have some elements of mystery and suspense, this title is my first attempt at delving completely into that genre. Which happens to be my favorite by the way.

What’s your inspiration behind writing?
I get inspiration from many things. Most of the time it’s from real life events and experiences.

What was the push that led you to becoming published?Stories inside of me that needed to get out, friends that pushed and supported me to nurture my craft. And last but not least, indie publishing, plain and simple. It allowed myself and many other authors who would have otherwise had to wait to be published the opportunity to showcase their work to the world.

Are you indie, hybrid or contractual?
Indie baby!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Introvert, comical, straightforward

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Too many to name! Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancey, Zane, Toni Morrison, Eric Jerome Dickey, Sentu Taylor, Nickle Crow, Matt Drabble, just to name a few.

What’s on your TBR list?
A boatload of Urban Fiction titles, Forty Acres,The Twelve Tribes Of Hattie, Brown Girl Dreaming, Gone Girl, Girl On The Train, The Shining 2, The Bane Chronicles

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