Author Highlight: Author Untamed

WELCOME BACK TO MY AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTS! After a short hiatus from this blog, I am please to introduce to you today’s author highlight.

Today’s author is Untamed. LITERALLY!!!

Untamed HS

Hailing from Albany, GA, Untamed is a multi-genre fiction author who accredits her early education in magnet school programs for her creative mind and passion for the literary field. She first found a love of writing as a young child through her love of reading. It was the novel entitled, Coming of Age by Lorri Hewitt that truly inspired Untamed and became the flame that ignited her introduction to the pen and pad.

Untamed’s writing journey began at thirteen years old with poetry, spoken word and short stories. Throughout her high school and college years, she received many accolades for her writing ability to include the Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and honorable mention in the Sandhills Writers’ Conference.

Deciding to pursue a career in business, Untamed set aside writing for years. However, after suffering the loss of her child, she felt a void in her life and began writing again to remain encouraged. Yet, the void still seemed to remain and she began to develop her writing talents as a novelist due to her own personal life experiences. It was then that Untamed realized her gift should be shared with the world and she made the decision to become a published author. Best known for her gritty yet flavorful language, Untamed embraced urban literature to bring about knowledge and support through real life, every day stories with highly animated and lifelike characters. Her powerful words and straight up, no-chaser verbiage delivers punches that will leave you screaming for more.

In 2012, Untamed released her debut novel entitled, Never Again…No More through One Karma Publishing to rave reviews. Untamed’s work has been featured in several print ads including Books On Blast by Urban Books, Authors, & Writers of America (UBAWA) and Kontrol Magazine. Untamed has also had several author features and interviews including noteworthy interviews with PD Radio and The Morning Cook Up Show which generates millions of listeners. Since that time, Untamed penned her second novel entitled, Never Again…No More II: Getting Back to Me in July 2013, which broke into the Amazon Top 100 for Literature- Fiction & Plays US becoming an official Amazon Bestseller. Since that time, Untamed has re-released her first two books and the third installment of the Never Again…No More series, What Goes Around was released December 2014. This June, she released the final installment of the Never Again…No More series entitled Game Over and is currently working on other book projects to be released at later dates.

As a volunteer and committee member for Augusta, GA MADD, she is committed to honoring the memory of her family members who passed away in a drunk driving crash by creating a legacy of giving to support other victims and survivors. In March 2015, she released a poetry book that is near and dear to her heart entitled This Side of Heaven; A Poetic Journey of Strength and Survival. It is a collection of poems dedicated to her daughter, mother and cousin for which all proceeds are donated to M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

Writing is truly a passion for Untamed and it is her hope that her writing will fulfill her purpose to touch lives, encourage growth and give a voice to the voiceless. Staying true to this goal, Untamed will continue to share her gift of writing for years to come as she delivers it to you real, raw and purely Untamed!

She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and children.

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1. You are a multi-genre fiction author: what are the genres you write in besides Urban/Street Lit? Which one is your favorite?
I also write Poetry, Contemporary Fiction and Erotica. My favorite to write is actually Urban. In my opinion, Urban can be very relatable because it is has more representations of true to life story lines. However, poetry will always be my first love.

2. What college do you represent? Have you done any writing or functions there?
I represent two colleges; Augusta State University and University of Maryland University College. I participated in the Sandhills Writers Conference at Augusta State and received honorable mention for my poetry at that event. It is my hope and aim to host or incorporate my events with both colleges in the future.

3. Have you ever participated in an Anthology? If so what was the name of it and what was your story? If not, would you ever consider it?
Funny you should ask. Anthologies are something that had not interested me in the past. However, over the course of the past few years, I have met some amazing poets and musicians whom I love to collaborate with. We’ve actually worked on a spoken word/rap project called Eardrum Love which is still in production. I’ve also discussed putting together an Anthology with another poet, Vulyncia Poindexter. So hopefully, the readers will see that soon.

4. What was your inspiration behind the Never Again…No More series?
There’s a back story to the inspiration, lol. When I finally made the decision to pursue becoming a published author, I kept wondering what should be my first published novel. Ironically, the same week, I had a very…let’s just say…”in-depth” conversation with my oldest daughter’s father and that night Never Again…No More was birthed! In writing it, I looked back over my situation of being a teen mother my senior year and subsequently losing that child in a car crash, and I was inspired to highlight different scenarios that are possible with having children at such a young age. In doing so, I thought it also important to tackle other societal issues such as broken homes, lack of self-love, health and disabilities, to name a few.

5. What character stands out in your books the most to you and why?
I love all of my characters, lol! But, if I had to pick, I’d have to pick a set and that is the story of Pooch, Trinity and Terrence (aka Dreads). Their story truly pushed my limits as an author. It was so far out of left field to write them because they are so far removed from my personality or anything I’ve ever experienced in life, but when I did their story just almost became ingrained in me. As a writer, you know you’ve conquered a character when people you know or even yourself look over what’s written and think…I can’t believe I wrote this!

6. Tell us something unique about yourself.
I am uniquely Untamed lol! As unfiltered as I am now, surprisingly, I was extremely shy about my writing. Much of that has to do with the fact that I am a preacher’s kid.

7. I cannot imagine the loss of a family member, much less that of a child. Through your Faith and writing, how have you been able to cope?Writing poetry for my daughter was a huge part of my healing. Also, my family made sure I had a relationship with Jesus at a very young age. When I loss my daughter, all of my strength and healing came from my faith, trust and belief in my Lord and Savior. I also have a strong family support system and we all rallied around each other. We are open and comforting with each other. It’s been eleven years and it still hurts and their are still trials, but I look at how far in my healing I’ve come and know that it couldn’t have been anybody but God who continues to bring me through.


I would be remiss if I didn’t open this book with prayer. This is a poem I wrote during a time when I still struggled through the hurt and pain of my loss. I am a believer in God and His Son, Jesus and I love the Lord. However, I won’t pretend that my faith wasn’t shaken and that in the past I’ve allowed pain to overshadow my ability to give praise.

Yet through it all, I know that He is with me. I understand that His will is perfect and that I am not. Therefore, my prayer is that He forgives me for forgetting that and loving me anyway. And for as long as I live I aim to love Him with all my heart. Knowing that, I might not ever understand all that has happened, but that He gives me the peace, strength, help and love to surpass it.

Lord, I know that I don’t always thank you first at the start of my day
Even though I know I’m blessed from the sight of the first sunray.
I don’t always acknowledge you the way that I should
And even my small attempts sometimes aren’t as powerful as they could
But I’m only human; you know this about me cause you sit above
And yet you love me in spite of, that’s why you are the perfect love
In my heart I know I’m nothing without you
Everything I am, inside and out –made of— and have— is only because of you
So I thank you even when I lack the words to say
Especially when I fail to pray
Even when I have a bad day
Because your perfect love has guided me through my ignorance
Through my trials and my test
Through my stress and my mess
Through my joys and at my best
And you’ll continue to do so through the rest Of my life
My prayer today is to be better and do better by you
And even so, I still couldn’t repay you
Even with 10,000 tongues or 10,000 prayers
Or 10,000 I’m sorry’s and 10,000 cares
Cause your love for me is limitless
It’s precious
It’s timeless
It just…is.
Because of who you are-Jesus The Holy Trinity
Blessed serenity
Prince of peace
Lord of Lords
King of Kings
In my heart you’ll always ring
Take this poem of my dedication to you for everything
When I fail to thank you
Or acknowledge you
Help me do better by you.
This is my prayer.

The PREQUEL to the Never Again… No More Series

Outside in an all-black crown Vic, Pooch waited impatiently for his signal. Patience was never his strong suit. As he tapped his foot, his cousin patted him on the shoulder.
“Calm down niggah,” Marcus coaxed.
“I am calm, niggah,” Pooch growled. Just then, Pooch’s cell rang and he answered. “Hines, you better tell me something.”
“It’s done,” Hines said.
“Bet. You know what to do,” Pooch replied.
Hines nodded. “Indeed.”
Pooch hung up, smashed his burner and shifted in his seat. Marcus looked at him suspiciously.
“Fuck is you waiting on? An invitation?”
Pooch shook his head as a slow smiled crept on his face when he saw Sgt. Rowe bringing Terrence out of the warehouse in handcuffs.
“Nah, niggah. Proof.” He pointed to Terrence and Marcus followed his finger to see the officer putting Terrence in the back of the squad car.
“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Remember that shit, fam. Remember that shit,” he said as he started the car and pulled off.


Terrence grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me in the kitchen. “Put your jackets on,” he shouted to the kids. “Is that what you want? A muthafucka who degrades you and acts like you’re only there for his pleasure and enjoyment?”

I rolled my eyes. “Pooch only said that because he can sense that you want to be with me Terrence,” I whispered. “You have to end this shit. Don’t be trying to meet up one-on-one with Pooch, he’s dirty.”

“I’m not afraid of Pooch and nobody he is affiliated with. You know that. Besides, that muthafucka is gonna pay for that comment about my kids. What I am afraid for, is you. You’re losing yourself in this relationship. You are a five star chick but you were five stars before you got with him, and you are also an independent dime. Don’t let him do this to you. He’s turning you into a high paid mistress,” Terrence pleaded.

I smiled at Terrence. “I know you care about me, Dreads but let it go. Please. I don’t want nothing ugly to happen. I’ll be fine.”

Terrence threw up his hands. “A’ight, lil’ mama.”

He hugged the kids and whispered into my ear. “You know that I love you, Trinity and I only want what’s best for you. Pooch ain’t what’s best. He never has been and never will be. Men pay for hookers, but they love their woman. Don’t let money turn you from the latter to the first. You’re a woman, Trinity and a damn good one.”


Panic kicking in, I made a desperate ass move. “Yo Greg,” I said coyly to him. “How can we make this square between us? I’m sure it’s something I could do so that you won’t…you know…tell Pooch,” I asked leaning on him sexily, slowly licking my lips. “I’ll do anything.”

Greg smiled and rubbed his hands together. With his ugly ass! But I was in a fucked up situation and I needed my so-called job. “Meet me in my office in fifteen minutes. I’m sure we can work some thangs out,” he said, gripping my ass.

“Alright boo.” I planted a wet kiss on his lips.

Greg licked his lips and shook his head. Then he turned to walk away. “Oh and Spanish Fly, if you have a change of heart, don’t bother coming back,” he said and walked out.

I grabbed a paper towel and wiped his nasty kiss off my lips. I didn’t know what to do. If I followed through with this I’d become another hoe in the streets and then these dudes would expect me to do anything to get down. If I didn’t, I’d be fired again, and I’d be broke in a couple of months with only my unemployment check to sustain me. I’d even quit Susie Q’s for this damn gig. I exhaled as I sat down in a chair in the dressing room and took another swig of Jose Cuervo before putting my hair up in a ponytail.

Looking at myself in the mirror I concluded, “Sometimes a woman has to do what she has to do,” and I prepared to go and fuck the shit out of Greg.

Just as I stood, some rosary beads that Nadia had given me fell out of my bag, and I picked them up. It was as if I heard God himself ask me, “Where is your faith?” I jumped because the voice was so real. I looked around, but there was no one there; it was just me and the beads.

Tears instantly streamed down my cheeks and I pulled out a picture of Nadia. That’s when I knew I couldn’t do it. Whether I was fired or not, I was getting the hell out of Club Moet. Alize and the rest of these broads could have it. I was better than this. Pooch just didn’t realize he did me the biggest favor in the world.

Never again…no more did I have to walk through these doors and degrade myself. No matter what happened, stripping nor fucking was the answer for me. Spanish Fly was officially retiring and Lucinda was about to get on the job hunt.

WHAT GOES AROUND_1600_2400_3

I don’t know why I was sitting here. I guess a part of me really couldn’t believe that this fool actually made it, but mostly I guess I was sitting here because I felt so sorry for him. After two emergency surgeries and three close encounters with death’s door, Tony actually lived.

After a full week in ICU, he was finally stable but in a coma. I contacted his parents and despite the heartache and pain Tony had taken them through, they’d been here day and night to look after and monitor him. Being a mother, I could relate. Nobody wants to see their child so close to heaven no matter what mistakes they’ve made. As suspected, someone shot Tony for trying to play stick up kid to get rocks. No one would tell who the shooter was but I already knew that was a no go. Nobody in the hood snitches, especially when a niggah don’t mind making an example of you, and that’s exactly what Tony was, an example.

I didn’t want Tony to die, but a small part of me was happy to see him suffer. I wanted him to suffer just like I had suffered all those years I was with him, yet a part of me, the kinder and holier part, was hopeful for a full recovery. I wanted to see Tony get better and make a change for himself. He’d had his dreams snatched away at a young age, nearly lost his life while he was lost in this world of drugs, and now he had to deal with being HIV positive.

Yep, it was official; he had the package and I could bet a dime to a dollar he didn’t even know it. The truly sad part about all of this is that there is no telling how many women or men—hey being on that shit does strange things to people so you never know—he’d lain down with since he contracted this deadly virus. This shit was out here, man, so you have to be careful.


At any rate, I needed to know if I had to get used to being exclusively with my husband, or if I still had a relationship with Lincoln. Fighting off Ryan for five days would be hard but I already had the perfect plan in place. You know it. Menstrual cycle. But if I no longer had Lincoln then all bets were off. If I had to learn to live exclusively with Ryan then I refused to suffer without sex. Damn that. Lincoln may have been better and I’d rather have Lincoln but it’s not like I had complaints about Ryan in that department. This is why I demanded that Lincoln meet me. We had some things to clear up really fast because my next moves depended on his next move.

When I walked into the house in Queens, I found Lincoln sitting at the dining room table. He appeared to be in deep thought. “Sorry I’m late. I had to drop the boys off before I got here and their friend’s mother wanted to talk my ear off.”

He shrugged. “I’m used to it.”

Irritation displayed across my face. “Used to what, Lincoln? And why are we sitting in here? It’s so damn formal. Like we are having a round table discussion.”

The look on his face showed his bewilderment and disbelief as he let out a deliberate chuckle. “We’re sitting in here so I can be separated from you and actually talk. Whenever I’m close to you, I can’t make informed decisions. My dick and my heart take over my brain and then I’m caught up.” He pointed to the table. “As for what I’m used to, it’s being second to everything in your life, including Ryan.”

“Are you still pissed about the trip to Illinois? Come on. That was an isolated incident. I was checking on my family. Don’t do that,” I warned through clenched teeth.

“It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that you were going through a really emotional time and I couldn’t be there for you to help you through it. Not that I didn’t want to or maybe even that you didn’t want me to…I just couldn’t. And the reason why can be summed up in one phrase—you’re married to Ryan.”

Inhale. Exhale. Here we go…AGAIN. “Lincoln, I understand that my being married causes us to not interact with and be there for each other the way that we would otherwise want, but this is an affair. What else can you expect?” I asked. I was only stating the obvious.

He grimaced, his lips forming a tight line. “I get that. I know what the hell an affair is, Charice. I understand that I signed up for this. At the time, I agreed that having a little bit of you was better than nothing at all, but can’t you see that it’s fucking with me? Charice, I love you. I want all of you and I feel like I’m suffocating myself with getting these little morsels of you whenever you feel you want to offer it to me. Outside of that one trip, what have we done? Nothing. Nothing but have sex. I love your sex, but my love for you goes beyond being able to get between your legs.”

He had a point. I swear I didn’t realize this shit was going to be this difficult or emotional. “Lincoln, you have my heart,” I said trying to reach for his hand but he pulled away.

“No, I have your sex. I want your heart.”

“You do have it.”

“No, I don’t. You have my heart. Completely. Everything I have inside and out, is yours for the taking. I give it to you freely. Can I say the same for you?”

Tears threatened the corners of my eyes as the realization of his point weighed on my heart. Even still, what he was saying wasn’t fair to me. I cleared my throat to clear away the emotion. “Lincoln, you do have my heart. You just don’t realize how much.”

“Then prove it. Leave Ryan.”


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