Author Highlight: Mr. Chronic Black

Today’s author highlight is Mr. Chronic Black. He is one of the eight authors whose work will be featured in the Tyranny of Evil: The Hearts of Men anthology.

On August 28th, 2015, Bleeding Pen Publishing Presents “Tyranny of Evil: Hearts of Men”
This anthology features eight authors with all e-book proceeds going directly to charity. The charity is called The Innocence Project and you can find out more about this charity via their link:

MrChronic Black’s Contribution to the book is the short story titled “The Hand of the Devil.”


Mrchronic Black published his first book in 2012 under the name Mrchronic 3000. It was entitled Old Man Lou. He was self-published and penned six additional books under that pen name; Old Man 2: Who’s Boss Lady, Black Heart and the series Murder in the 1st 2nd & 3rd Degree. Once he changed his name to Mrchronic Black, he self-published Black Heart 2: There’s Power In Lunacy and Black Heart 3: Denise’s Story. Mrchronic Black is currently signed to Bad Apple Productions, which will publish his 8th book Porn Scene- an erotic suspense thriller.

Mrchronic Black servse as a Senior Writer on Kisha Green’s website Literary Jewels. The url is Check him out on his YouTube Page Mrchronic Black and as a weekly panelist for an internet podcast panel entitled “He Said She Said” where the discuss relationship issues.

You can reach out to Mr. Chronic Black by any of the following means.
Facebook: Mrchronic Black
Twitter: @djmixburn

ChronicBlack Book

EXCERPT (click the link to access the book) (RATED R FOR LANGUAGE)

Chapter 8

I arrive back home feeling pretty good. I had a good time at Tasha’s. I hated when it was time for me to go. I don’t know why I need a curfew. I’m 14. I’m old enough to watch myself. I think I can handle myself pretty good if I do say so myself. My mom always gave me a hard way to go about my choice of company. She covered up her racist behavior pretty good from people. My mom was one of those people where she can’t stand for people to know the real her. If you caught her in a lie she would deny any knowledge of whatever you were talking about. You could catch her red handed and she would stick to her story. My mom would make a good co-defendant. Even when everything with my dad went down she still held onto the fact that she had no idea of what was going on.

Til this day people still don’t believe that my mom had no idea. She didn’t care. They couldn’t prove it so she wasn’t gonna sweat it. My mom kept a good poker face. She to this day has still yet to forgive me. Fuck that bitch. She could die from choking on cum for all I care. The funny thing about it all is. She knew full well what she was doing and with a straight face and no shame at all still go to church and pray to Jesus or whoever she prays too. She need to pray for forgiveness if she really wanna get her prayers heard. But you can’t tell her she’s wrong. Soon as I walk in the door this stupid bitch begins to read me the riot act. “Where you coming from?” she ask me as she looks up from reading her Bible on the couch. “I was over a friend’s house.” “You were with that colored girl again?” I hated when she said ignorant shit like that.

“She does have a name. Stop calling her that colored girl. Her name is Tasha.” I tell her sounding real annoyed. “Oh that’s right, Tasha. Forgive me.” she sarcastically says. I decided to let that slide. I knew she wanted to get a rise out of me. I wasn’t gonna give her what she wanted. I tried to go upstairs but she wouldn’t stop talking. “I’m not done young lady. Have a seat.” she says patting the couch for me to join her. I reluctantly sit next to her on the couch. She closes her Bible and puts it to the side. “First of all fix your face young lady. Remember I am your mother. I’m the reason your not behind bars and don’t you forget that.” I hated how she always threw that in my face. Even though it wasn’t really true. I got off cause I was somewhat able to prove my case.
This bitch want credit for everything except for the discovery of aids. I hated talking to this bitch. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” She was really starting to work my last nerve. “You need to stop hanging with those people. Don’t come looking for me when they get you involved in trouble.” “Nothing’s gonna happen.” I tell her. “You know that for sure? How well do you know these people?” “Stop calling her and her family those people.” Now I was starting to lose my cool. “I can’t believe how racist you are.” The look she had on her face when I said that was priceless. “You wanna say that again? I know I didn’t hear you right.” She was starting to turn red in the face. I sat their with my arms folded. “Little girl you better answer me. Now repeat what you just said.” She was getting angrier by the second.

Maybe if I worked her nerves enough she would keel over and die. I decided to see how bad I could push her buttons. “Oh I see somebody hates when the true them is exposed. You don’t like that do you mommy?” I was getting in true asshole mode at this point. “I mean, God forbid everybody knew the real you. God forbid if they knew you weren’t worth shit.” I could tell I was starting to get to her. So now it was time to go for the kill. Let’s see how she reacts to this. “Your just mad that everybody knows that you sat by and watched dad have his way with me. Did you get off on it? Did it make you feel sexy? Were you jealous because he didn’t touch you like that anymore?” Before I could finish what I was saying. I felt a hard open palm slap the shit out of me knocking me to the floor.
It took me a few seconds to get myself together. While I was getting my bearings together. I seen my mom clutch her chest and started sinking to her knees. Was I getting my wish of seeing her take her last breath. She clutches her chest even harder and tries to yell out to me. “Denise help me.” she says as she passes out on the floor. Now I was scared. This didn’t look good. I grab the phone from the kitchen and dial 911. I needed this bitch alive. If she died then I would be placed in a home. I wasn’t having that shit. No No No this bitch wasn’t dying today. I reached 911 and told them what was happening . I gave the address and went back to attending to my mom. I hoped they hurried. She couldn’t die. I wouldn’t let her die. Only way she would die is by my hands only. Even though I didn’t believe in God I found myself praying for God to save her. I just hoped he answered my prayer.

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