Author Highlight: Kenya Moss-Dyme

Today’s author highlight is Kenya Moss-Dyme. She is one of the eight authors whose work will be featured in the Tyranny of Evil: The Hearts of Men anthology.

On August 28th, 2015, Bleeding Pen Publishing Presents “Tyranny of Evil: Hearts of Men”
This anthology features eight authors with all e-book proceeds going directly to charity. The charity is called The Innocence Project and you can find out more about this charity via their link:

Kenya Moss-Dymes’s Contribution to the book is the short story titled “ROAR.”


Author Kenya Moss–Dyme originally hails from Chicago but now resides in Michigan – land of the subzero winters and nuclear summers. She began writing short–form horror in her teens and won several scholastic writing awards for her creative work. In addition, she has penned the wildly popular dark romantic thrillers, Prey for Me, A Good Wife and the upcoming Getting to Day.

Projects in development for 2015 include Dead Zoned, a novel about an urban zombie apocalypse, and Sick: XOXO, a collection of dark erotic horror. Kenya works as an eLearning Developer in her day job, designing web-based training courses for various industries. She also holds undergrad and graduate degrees in Business, Web Development, Marketing and Instructional Design.

You can reach out to Kenya Moss-Dyme by any of the following means.
Facebook: author.kenyamossdyme
Twitter: @KenyaMossDyme

Kenya Book

Man. Minister. Monster. On the surface, Reverend Theo Goody appeared to be everything that single mother Keynetha needed. He was gorgeous, committed to the church, and wasn’t fixated on getting her into bed like her other suitors. Women packed the church every Sunday for a glimpse at the sexy, mysterious and available preacher, and hope for a shot at becoming First Lady. Keynetha managed to skate past her competition and begin a tumultuous relationship of some sort with the Pastor. Sure, he was awkward and hesitant when it was time to take their relationship to another level, but Keynetha chalked that up to his lack of experience with women, due to his dedication to God. When he takes a sudden interest in her son, Keynetha is cautious but she’s eventually won over by Reverend Theo’s charm, however, this man of God is hiding dark and horrifying secrets that will rock Keynetha to the core. Will she be blinded by love and desire, or will she uncover the deadly truth about Theo in time to save her son? (WARNING: Contains adult content and explicit language – for mature audiences only)

EXCERPT (click the link to access the book)
While he was gone, Tajuana walked over to his desk to look around and see if she could spot anything that might help her get inside of his head. She hoped to find something, anything that would prove to her that he wasn’t a damn robot or an alien, that he was indeed a living, breathing man with blood pumping through his veins. She picked up the notepad that had stolen his attention away from her perfect ass, and read the notes scribbled on it. It mentioned her name and time of their meeting, the words “personal challenges,” and a short list of what looked to be grocery items, “milk, Captain Crunch (Captain Crunch for a grown ass man?), potato chips and fruit juice.

“Weirdo,” said Tajuana, replacing the notepad on the desk. She walked around to the other side, pulled out his big leather chair and sank down into the cushion. Nice. This was an expensive chair, all cushion, you couldn’t feel the edges of the seat around your hips, it was like sitting in a cloud.

“Wonder how much this baby set the church back!” Tajuana said under her breath. She pulled open the top drawer and found nothing of any concern – Tic Tacs, ink pens, rubberbands, change, hand lotion and a small mirror. “Blah.” She grabbed the top of the desk and pulled the chair underneath the desk and relaxed her spine against the back of the chair. Dropping her hand to the side of the seat, she found buttons that activated the vibrating sensation along the back and seat.

“Okay, now this is nice!” She turned it on full pulsating power and moaned as the knobs in the cushions pounded up and down, giving her a deep tissue massage. Stretching her legs out sensuously, her foot bumped something under the desk and she flipped off the vibration and pushed back the chair, leaning over to look closer.

It was the green canvas backpack.

Tajuana dragged it out and hoisted it up onto her lap. She opened the flap and pulled out a Junior Science textbook. Her curiosity peaked as she lay the book on the desk and reached in to see what other clues she could find to determine the owner of the backpack. Maybe some kid left his backpack at the church during one of the youth group meetings, and the Reverend put it back in his office for safekeeping. She pulled out a handful of school papers and spotted a name on the upper right corner, Jamal Jeffries.

She recalled the Reverend praying for Jamal at church a couple of Sundays past, and while she stared at Jamal’s over-sized child-like printing, trying to process the scenario in which the Reverend would have his backpack, he walked in with holding two bottles of water.

His face didn’t change as he walked forward and sat the bottles down on the desk.

“Oh, you found the backpack,” he said casually, walking around the desk to Tajuana. “Let me see.”

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