Author Highlight: C. Lynette

Today’s author highlight is C. Lynette. She is one of the eight authors whose work will be featured in the Tyranny of Evil: The Hearts of Men anthology.

On August 28th, 2015, Bleeding Pen Publishing Presents “Tyranny of Evil: Hearts of Men”
This anthology features eight authors with all e-book proceeds going directly to charity. The charity is called The Innocence Project and you can find out more about this charity via their link:

C. Lynette’s Contribution to the book is the short story titled “Deadly Games.”


C. Lynette was born in Northwest Indiana but raised in Southeast Michigan. She knew she was destined to write from the age of 9 when she was just submitting short stories to her elementary school newspaper. Upon graduating from high school, C. Lynette turned her attentions to Journalism. She has had 17 articles published in various Michigan newspapers and even in the South Bend Tribune. It took 8 years, but she finally took a leap of faith and decided to write, with some encouragement from her friends and family. C. Lynette lives in Indianapolis with her 3-year old son and works for the State of Indiana.

You can reach out to C. Lynette by any of the following means.
Facebook – or
Twitter –
Goodreads –
Website – or
Instagram – Writer_C_Lynette
Email –


EXCERPT (click the link to access the book)

Chapter: Blacks And Hennessey Pt 2
He poured himself some Hen, on which I passed. I didn’t need it for what I was about to do to him. I wanted him to get as loose as possible, because he was about to take this L in a major way. Although he was confident in his abilities, when he drinks a little he gets real loose-lipped. I let him get it all out and I took it all in. He was a cunning linguist, but I was about to make him tap out. He didn’t even know it.

“And, your head game is okay. I can ignore it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “I’m sorry, that sounded like the weakest challenge I’ve ever heard. You know better.”

He smiled as he rolled his eyes. A small smirk remained on his face as his eyes diverted toward the TV. That’s when I made my move.

I slid off the sectional to the floor, on my knees directly in front of him. His eyes never left the TV as he licked his lips with anticipation. He always loved a challenge, and I was about to present him with a version of it he had never seen. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans; watching his manhood twitch and jump as it grew within the confines of his boxer. Then I sat back down on the couch.

He wanted to play “hard to get” so I played the game right back with him. If I didn’t have his attention when I partially freed him, I certainly had it now. He looked at me with a semi-angered, disbelief look.
I let him simmer for a few more minutes before I leaned over and worked my magic touch. I released his manhood free of its prison. He readjusted himself but I warned him, “no, no. Keep watching TV. Don’t pay me any mind.”


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