Author Highlight: Antwan Floyd Sr.

Today’s author highlight is Antwan Floyd Sr.. He is one of the eight authors whose work will be featured in the Tyranny of Evil: The Hearts of Men anthology.

On August 28th, 2015, Bleeding Pen Publishing Presents “Tyranny of Evil: Hearts of Men”
This anthology features eight authors with all e-book proceeds going directly to charity. The charity is called The Innocence Project and you can find out more about this charity via their link:

Antwan Floyd Sr.’s Contribution to the book is the short story titled “Cannibal in the City.”


Antwan Floyd Sr is changing the literary world with his multi-faceted business. Not only is he a single father, he is an avid read and his entrepreneurship in books is way ahead of its time. He launched Bleeding Pen Publishing in 2009, where he publishes, authors and graphic designs his work. Through BPP, he has released several titles in paperback and in eBook format; including the soon to be release anthology Tyranny of Evil. With his own brand of storytelling, Antwan brings a new perspective to the literary world. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN where he is always working on his next project and is the proud bookstore owner of Maleah Solange Independent Book Sellers at Washington Square Mall.

You can reach out to Antwan Floyd Sr. by any of the following means.

Antwan Book

Kill the brain, the body must die!

EXCERPT (click the link to access the book) (RATED R FOR LANGUAGE)
“Thank you again, Governor Love. This is a great book!” The female patron gushed as Ally Love signed a copy of her latest title “Dust off the Ashes.”

“My pleasure. And please call me Ally. I’m not your Governor anymore.” She handed the book to the woman and smiled.

“No disrespect, Ally, but you have done more for the people in this city in the years you were in office than anyone has done in the past twenty years. And your new book…” The woman held the book close to her chest. “Dust off the Ashes will be a best seller and the fact that you’re donating all the proceeds to the battered women’s shelter proves that you are a God send. For that and everything else you’ve done you will always be my Governor.”

Ally hugged the woman. “Thank you. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book.”

The woman turned and exited the Oakley Auditorium in Ivy Tech’s Community College clutching the novel as if it were a sacred heirloom. The college had hosted for a lecture and book signing. Both had gone well but now things were wrapping up. She looked around the auditorium for her husband. Late again, she thought to herself. Checking her IPHONE for any missed messages she saw that there were none. Dropping the phone into her purse she began packing her laptop into her bag to leave.

“What’s good, Whip?” A voice called from the seats.

Ally’s back was to the seating area and she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She hadn’t gone by the street moniker in over twenty years. Who would dare address her as such in this arena? She turned around smiling half-heartedly as she placed her hand in front of her face in an attempt to block the spotlight that was shining in her eyes. She remained silent as she watched the shadowy figure carrying a knapsack approach the stage. When the person was near enough for Ally to get a clear view she tore away from the stage abandoning her belongings. The first thing she noticed was that she was wearing black from head to toe. Black hoody, jeans, boots and leather gloves. She also wore the four karat canary yellow diamond earrings she had given her one year for her birthday. Ally was shocked. “Oh my God! When did you get home?” She threw her arms around the woman in a strong embrace.

“A couple hours ago.”

“Thank God, he brought you back home to us.”

“I’m home alright. It had nothing to do with God though.”

Ally took a step back and looked at her old friend. She smiled. “In any case it’s good to see you, I see you still have the earrings.”

Cheyenne ran both hands across the diamonds in her earlobes. “How are the rest of the girls?”

“Oh God… we haven’t gotten together since… well you know… since you went away.”

“I went away huh?” Cheyenne’s eyebrow rose. “Like a breeze in the wind.”

Ally tried to keep her tone even. “I wrote you and put money on your books. Why did you take my name off of the visiting list?”

“I was doing my time. I didn’t need anyone to do that time with me. I jumped in front of that bullet, Whip.”

“Don’t be so bleak, Cheyenne.” Ally looked around at the few stragglers that were still in the auditorium. “And I don’t go by Whip anymore. Just call me Ally. Those days are behind me.”

Cheyenne took a step back and looked at Ally analyzing her eyes and face. “Ally. Right. It’s a real shame though, Whip.” She held her hands up as if she were mixing ingredients in a pot over a stove. “When you was in that kitchen, you had the best whip game out there. Hit the product with a little water, baking soda, and bam! Man, you turned a thousand grams into a brick and a half every rip and it still tasted like butter.”

Ally felt her skin crawl listening to Cheyenne reminisce about the old days.

Cheyenne paused noticing her old buddy’s discomfort. She smiled with dark eyes. “But yeah, those days are behind you. Me, I don’t know so much.”
Ally turned to retrieve her things. “Well you came here for a reason, Cheyenne. So what’s up?”

Cheyenne chuckled. “Still the same ol’ Whip. Straight to the point right?”

Ally’s eyes narrowed and her nose flared at the blatant disrespect. “Some shit don’t change huh?” she asked in a hushed tone between clenched teeth. “Same ol’ Cheyenne shitting on whoever doing whatever she wants.”

“Yeah well I suppose some people don’t change. You know we all can’t trade in two-hundred dollar jeans for two thousand dollar suits. When it comes to people like me, no matter what, once a gangster always a gangster. ‘Ya feel me?”

Ally didn’t like where the conversation was headed and attempted to pass Cheyenne to exit the stage area. “If you say so. It was nice seeing you but I have to go.”

Cheyenne blocked her path.

Ally took a step back and stared at the other woman aggressively. She had always been the less skilled fighter of the crew but was undoubtedly the one with the most heart and was always the first one to run to a fight. “Move, Cheyenne.”

“Not before I’m done.”

Ally placed her hands on her hips. “Well speak your peace so I can be on my way.”

Cheyenne held up both of her hands in a non-defensive manner. “I just want an autograph.”

Ally stared back disbelievingly.

Cheyenne chuckled. “Straight up, Whip.”

Ally shot her a nasty look. The doors resounded throughout the empty room as the last attendees exited. Ally felt uncomfortable.

“I mean, Ally, just an autograph.” Cheyenne spoke with mock sincerity. “Seriously.”

Letting down her guard she attempted to pass Cheyenne once more and pointed to a box sitting on tote bag sitting on in a chair on the front row of the stadium seats. “Let me get you a book.”

Cheyenne blocked her again.

Ally was annoyed. “Ugh, what is this, Cheyenne? I don’t have time to-”

Cheyenne reached into the army fatigue knapsack she was carrying and removed a copy of Ally’s book. “I brought my own.”

Ally felt a little guilty about her behavior. It had been almost two decades since they’d last seen one another. She had forgotten how aggressive Cheyenne’s personality was. Placing her hand on her forehead Ally laughed nervously. “Girl, I’m sorry. I’m tripping.” Ally quickly pulled out a pen and signed the book before handing it back to Cheyenne. “I didn’t think you would read stuff like this.”

“Usually don’t. Just stuff on human nature and the natural laws of nature shit.” Cheyenne looked down at the novel and stepped to the side.
Ally passed her laughing. “Shit like that huh?”

“Yeah. Shit. Like…you know.”

Amused Ally paused and turned back to face Cheyenne. “Enlighten me on shit, as you so elegantly put it.”

Cheyenne swung the hardcover book smacking Ally square across the temple with the flat side of the book. Ally’s head involuntarily jerked to the side as a second blow with the spine of the book smashed against her windpipe. Falling backwards clutching at her throat Cheyenne throttled her pummeling her throat with ferocious blows until her windpipe cracked. “Enlighten you? Huh, smart mouth bitch? Everyone knows you kill the brain, the body must die!”

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