Author Highlight: Author Sentu Taylor

Today’s Author Highlight is none other than the Illuminati’s favorite: Sentu Taylor. (BTW get well soon sir.)


Sentu Taylor hails from the West Coast, having spent his early childhood years in California before moving to and growing up in Tacoma, Washington. He’s a writer who is hard to place into a category because his work fuses elements from many different genres. Horror, urban fiction and dark satire are the most convenient descriptions of his work. His self-published Gangpire trilogy has been a surprise hit, not only in the U.S but also in the U.K. He was also featured in Winter’ Chill with Kenya Moss Dyme, Deb K Mason, and Omar Tyree. Outside of writing his hobbies consist of painting, tattooing, and trolling the world wide web.

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IG & twitter: sentu_taylor
Facebook: Sentu Taylor


Life has never been a walk in the park for Tacoma. With a crack addict as a mother, and no father, he has been responsible to take care of his little sister Seattle since he was nine, while living in one of East Oakland’s most notorious drug and gang infested neighborhoods. Every day is a struggle; they’re forced to steal food, and have to rely on their street wits to survive. Lucky for them, Tacoma’s best friend Raider’s grandmother, Mama Marcella, shields them from getting detected by Social Services.

Tragedy strikes one fateful day when Tacoma asks Raider to pick Seattle up from school. But Raider forgets, and Seattle never makes it home. Tacoma’s world shatters around him, and he vows to wreak violent revenge on those responsible for her disappearance. But they are only teenage boys, and no match to fight Seattle’s powerful abductors.

Raider has an idea. With the help of an ancient Santeria book he stole from his grandmother, he turns both of them into vampires.

Their bloody journey to save Seattle takes them deep into the corrupt underworld of the Oakland police force, secret FBI task forces, a beautiful scientist, and death.

As the two unleash their newly acquired powers, things get quickly out of control. Tacoma and Raider turn their friends into vampires to help them fight against powerful enemies, and together they leave a trail of dead bodies along the entire West Coast.

Follow Tacoma on his desperate quest to find his sister, while spiraling deep into the world of an escalating vampire war…

1. You’re into Dark Humor and you say Chuck Palahnuik is one of your favorite authors. What’s your favorite book by him and why?
Great question! Tough one too actually, Fight Club of course is one, Rant was written super clever I think I’ve read it like 4 times, right now I’m reading his Damned/Doomed series and am waiting on it’s last installment to see where it goes. I love his stuff because he will force you to think about the state of society and our mindless habit with his sly wit and humor. One thing about him though is that his books are either phenomenal or they suck ass. There’s no grey area with Chuck Palahniuk.

2. Describe the Gangpire series.
It’s a mash up of many genres, and kind of started years ago when as a kid I saw “Lost Boys” and the thought of “What if these rock star cool vampires, would’ve been rap star cool vampires from the ghetto.” That daydream had nagged me into adult hood until I finally relented to it and made it come to life.

3. How has your upbringing inspired your writing style?
I think it did in many ways, like my mother was hella sarcastic, add that to me having been into MAD magazine low brow humor, a ghetto public school system class clown, and then an aspiring to be a battle rapper for a while set to ground layer for my particular style of writing.

4. Have you written anything outside of dark humor, parody, horror? If so, why? If not, why not?
I haven’t, and I don’t really know why lol . It’s kinda just so in me that while going a different route and I come across an opportunity to slide in a subtle smart ass joke, I can never resist it. It’s almost like that scene in the movie “Ladies Man” where Leon Phelps is trying to not be a pervert and this naive nun keeps throwing all this unintentional sexual innuendo at him during an interview and he couldn’t hold back. Plus I think I kind of found my niche and a method where readers outside my genre get into my work, I don’t want to make a foolish spectacle of myself like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.

5. What is your next project?
I’m knee deep into this story revolving around the conspiracy theories revolving big name rappers having sold their souls to a satanic cult in order to become these stars. It kinda began as a purely comedic book but as I kept doing more research for this novel (I’ve got about a years worth of research invested in this) some of these theories couldn’t be denied, which mixed in with my left field approach should be, hopefully will be, a book that’ll be read and re-read.

6. How long have you been writing and what is your inspiration?
Really most of my life, I wrote my first rap song in the third grade about “witches in the sea so don’t take yo’ ass in that sea.” And besides having spread my subject matter a bit more than to witches in the sea I’m still at it. I’ve been into spooky shit then and that’s what still inspires me. I really lived the street life and therefore I don’t think I’ll ever be inspired to write one of those books about a dope guy who falls in love and now doesn’t want to be a dope guy no more, I just find that so mundane like Eskimos don’t read books about living in igloos, because they live in fucking igloos lol and that’s how I see the dope guy books.

7. What’s your favorite part of being in the illuminati?
You know I stumbled on how to join doing research for this book and I thought that people had to sacrifice a family member like how they say on YouTube but I found out all you gotta do is throw shit at pedestrians from a 22 story window of a NYC sky scraper and you’re in. After that you’ll get all the free Wi Fi you can imagine. Greatest decision I made in my life.

2 thoughts on “Author Highlight: Author Sentu Taylor

  1. Abu says:

    I’ve been reading Mr. Taylor’s work ever since I joined the illuminati… absolutely brilliant!


  2. Thee says:

    Great work


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