Situations 2: Jaded Ambitions Review

I’ve been patiently waiting to write a review about Author James D Sanders’s newest novel, Situations 2: Jaded Ambitions. After a four-year hiatus, James Sanders came back strong with the follow up to Situations.

An urban street lit, Situations 2 picks up right where the prequel left off. We find that Dee is adjusting to being “out the game.” He’s trying to do the family thing; for both his girl’s and his sake. But when Jay is attacked and on the verge of death, Dee gets thrown back into the mix.

Where do I begin? I loved it! This was the first book I’ve read in a long time where I didn’t “figure it out” from jump. The twists, the turns, the feel was all real. Without giving away any spoilers, this book is even more intense than the first. You get to see the prosperity and growth of characters, the unquestionable loyalty that gets rewarded and the betrayal that undoubtedly resides in all things involving the game and money.

I read the book twice in one day, once for pleasure and the other time to make sure I didn’t miss any hints or clues that I should have picked up. It’ll be very interesting to see a follow up or a prequel to this book. I’d love to see how it all began and where Jay and Dee come from, childhood wise.

I give it 5/5 – follow Mr. Sanders at You can cop his e-book or the paperback for both Situations 1 and Situations: Jaded Ambitions on his site or on amazon.

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