Alter Ego: Chapter 1

Leanna had been a shy person for most of her life; quiet and pretty reserved. She was accustomed to hearing the word “no” from all over that at one point, she just quit asking. Yeah, yeah she knew. “The answer is always no if you never ask.” Hell the answer was always no when she did ask. There was no fucking difference. She spent a majority of her life just accepting what was handed to her.

That was, until the day she was struck with a severe case of fuck it.

Strolling through the mall, Leanna was hit with a sudden revelation. She was content with her life, but she wasn’t where she wanted to be. She wasn’t sad, but she wasn’t happy. She needed to regain control of her life. She needed a definitive change, and she needed that shit to happen right now.

“Grab some foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner and some lip gloss from Sephora,” a voice said within her. “Don’t forget to stop at Victoria’s Secret and grab you a matching bra and panty set; red. Get a little black dress and some stilettos. We can afford it. We deserve it.”

“Yeah, we do. I’ve been holding back for way too long.”

“Stop at Sears,” the voice continued, “and grab some perfume. Your homegirl from school works there and you know she’ll hook you up.”

A plan was devised from an unrecognizable voice, and something within her body spurred a significant but unseen change. There was a slightly gleeful bounce in her step. She bore a bright smile across her face as if a moment of clarity had encompassed her entire being. The calm spread across her. She completed all but one of her tasks. Sears was the last thing she needed to stop at.

She made her way to Sears and perused the store. Her girl was working and suggested a few perfumes. She sprayed several swatches and left them for Leanna to smell. Indecisive, she told her girl she’d be back, and walked around the store trying to decide. Her trip took her all the way to the back of the store near the paint department; which was nestled between the patio furniture section and tools department. There won’t be any help from any of these old ass men, she thought to herself. But she sorely needed the opinions of someone of the opposite sex.

Just as she had all but given up, a glimmer of light came through. As she sat in a chair, sniffing the swatches, something like a black Adonis came into view. A door next to her opened and she looked up. They caught and held each other’s eyes for a brief second before Leanna returned her gaze to her swatches. Within a few mere seconds, she caught herself double-taking in admiration of the specimen that came from the room. As she grabbed another 5 to 10 second view, she absorbed his majestic being in her subconscious. He was perfect. She had never saw anyone as fine as him. I’m glad I got to see that. I doubt I’ll ever see his fine ass again, but I’m glad I got to get a glimpse. As quickly as he appeared was as quickly as she pushed him to the back of her mind. I’m out of my league with that one.

“Pick the second one,” the inner voice spoke again, not nearly as softly as it had been in previous conversation. Leanna shrugged and waltzed back to the perfume counter. She secretly hoped to catch a view of the stranger again but was disappointed to not cross his path again. She purchased the scent and walked back through the mall to get to her car.

Little did she know, she was being watched.

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