Alter Ego – Chapter 2

It was another long and tedious day at work. Dedrick had become used to the same mundane and repetitious flow at work. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. As supervisor at Sears, he walked the floor from corner to corner, making sure to greet customers when he saw them and to speak to every employee he encountered. He was perfect with remembering names and finite details about his employees that would seem trivial to others. But his repertoire with them made them work more efficiently and the sales numbers backed them up.

Aside from his managerial duties, Dedrick was fairly quiet and kept to himself. He was an attractive, statuesque and nicely chiseled man. When he smiled, the room brightened in even the most well lit areas. His female employees often found themselves in awe of him, and his male employees reveled in jealousy but always acted smartly because they recognized the Alpha in him. Not much made him move. And after all the uneventful day he had been having, Dedrick was ready to punch the clock and go home.

As he made one of his many rounds, he came to the entrance and saw a woman walking towards the store. She was cute from the distance, but he shrugged it off and continued his way around the store. He snuck between the walls and made his way to the guys who pick up and move items to customer’s cars. They were unusually busy and was only able to catch one sitting down on the job. I won’t mess with him today, they’ve been moving like crazy. From there, he went into the HR office and sat at his desk for a few.

Not one to sit still for long, he moved over to loss prevention. The guys were looking at different cameras in all the departments and listening to the radio when Dedrick walked in. 

“What’s going on boss?” one of the men addressed him.

“Restless. The downfall of being too organized and having things in order is boredom.” They all shared a laugh. As they were coming down off their laughs, a beautiful woman graced the cameras and it caught Dedrick’s attention. She was speaking with the sales associate at the perfume counter and left with three swatches; no perfume though. Maybe I can convince her to get something, he thought to himself. “All right fellas, keep up the good work.” Then they all bid each other farewell.

He came out of the loss prevention office, hustled passed his office and made it to the HR door. As he opened it and walked out, he was caught off guard by the woman he seen on the cameras. She was sitting in a chair near the office. He looked at her as she looked up at him, then she returned her gaze to her phone. He snuck a second look immediately, forgetting why he had wanted to catch her previously. He had a hard time ignoring a slight spark he felt surge through him. Did I really feel that? I wonder if she felt it to. Let me walk it off. He made his rounds through tools, to gardening furniture and through the rest of the stores, never looking back in her direction. He missed her glance turn into a watch, admiring the figure before her. 

When Dedrick returned to the HR office she was gone. He kicked himself for not getting her name and not promoting his sales associate as an expert in her field to make the sales. Everything was all bad. But, he chucked it up as a missed encounter. He had other things to worry about at home than to be even entertaining a woman. That didn’t stop his mind from drifting, however. As he opened the door to HR, there were several smiling faces awaiting him. Curiously, he looked at each one of them, trying to figure out if he was about to get a positive or negative surprise.

“You know there’s eyes everywhere, right Dee?” one of the LP guys stated. A chorus of laughter erupted around them. Dedrick even managed a smirk.


“She was pretty cute if you ask us,” he said with a shrug. “Funny thing is, she watched you walk away, well after you hit that corner going to softlines. Then she went back to the perfume counter and bought something.”

Dedrick’s face flushed bright red. Had he been a lighter toned man, he would have been given away. He secretly smiled though, it had been a long time since he’d felt mutual admiration for and from someone. And he didn’t even have to intervene or convince her to buy anything. Still didn’t catch her name though.

“Also,” someone else spoke up, “that sales associate and her know each other. There’s a camera that captures audio over there and we could hear them reminiscing about the past. Not sure if this is the venue or whatnot, but her name is Leanna.”

And now I have a name.

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