Alter Ego – Chapter 3

Play it cool Leanna, you probably won’t see him again, but you know you got the juice sis. I know you felt him look into your soul. I even imprinted on him sis. He’s gonna always remember us.

“But who are you?” Leanna finally asked herself out loud. “Am I going crazy? Nah, I got to be going crazy. I’m fucking talking to myself in the parking lot.”

Nah, you’re talking to the you that you should be showing the world. Not this meek, lowly, quiet mouse that allows people to walk all over her. I’ve let you hold the reins for far too long. We about to fuck some shit up tonight, sis.

And for a moment, Leanna was ready to release the control she thought she had over her life. Even if just for some temporary fun. “What do I call you?”

I’m a part of you. I have no name.

“Nakia,” Leanna named her newly found voice. “Well Nakia, let’s go get ourselves together for a night out on the town. We got everything we came for and we’re going to look fabulous.” She smiled brightly; a few men’s heads turned to see the curvature of her lips. One even tipped his head in her direction. Hey, I still got it, she thought independently of Nakia. Wait, how come Nakia isn’t intercepting my thoughts?

She shook off the thought and got ready for her evening of fun. Her girls were all busy and while that usually keeps her in for the night, Leanna was definitely feeling herself. A new found confidence was consuming her very fiber.

9pm – She indulged herself in her jacuzzi tub. She lit a few teacup candles around the tub and bubbles in the water. She made the water as hot as she could tolerate it and just soaked until the water became room temperature. Wasteful as it was, she then hopped into the shower and washed the suds from her body; spread the dove body soap all over and rinsed off.

10:30pm – Dressed in all black like The Omen. Light natural-colored make up, silver dangling earrings, silver rings and bracelets, six-inch stilettos and underneath she wore the red bra and panty set she got from Victoria’s Secret. As she headed out the door, she grabbed her new perfume and gave a few sprays over herself, careful to not overindulge in its strong scent.

11:15pm – Pulled up to the club; fashionably late. She was going to get all the attention this night. She walked to the line and every head within two feet of her turned. They gave her the once over; men continued to look despite their girls being with them. Her dress fell just below the cuff of her cusp of her ass. Her thighs glistened under the light poles. The v-cut neckline showed off her top cleavage, which was teased by a single silver medallion necklace. A small group of 30somethings walked past the line to the front; obviously VIP status; but before they got there, the invited 5 young ladies to join them.  Now’s your chance, Nakia encouraged Leanna. Leanna conveniently stepped forward in the line of sight of the last three men. They got a glance of her legs and she got chosen.

11:30pm – Sitting in VIP with some strangers, but not really feeling it. “Hey, I’ma go grab a drink,” Leanna says to one of the men. He pulled out $100 and told her to order a round of whisky shots for everyone, while whispering for her to keep the change as he winked at her. Knowing that she was being watched, she swayed her hips from side to side as she sauntered towards the bartenders. She ordered for the table and told the bartender which VIP section it was for. Leanna grabbed her Long Beach and made her way to the dance floor. She wasn’t big on dancing but Nakia had her feeling brave.

She drank her drink as fast as she could and sat it on a nearby table. She lingered around the dancefloor until some music that she felt comfortable with came on.

Midnight – The DJ put on the Cha Cha Slide, followed by the Cupid Shuffle, Excuse Me Miss by Chris Brown and finally Can’t Get Enough by Tamia. Leanna line danced for the next 20 minutes straight. Just as she was cooling down, she noticed a group of men walk in. There was three of them, they looked like they were fresh out the store; the men were so clean. The guy in the middle made eye contact with her and the feeling she had experienced early that day came flooding back to her. Her heart raced upon seeing the familiar stranger from Sears. He’s still super fine. I should walk up and… her own thoughts were interrupted by Nakia. No, we don’t walk up to anyone. Let him come to you. Or wait for the perfect song that’ll make y’all connect anyway.

It was like Nakia knew the DJ personally. “Nine four eight one…”

A devilish smirk crossed Leanna’s face.

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