Alter Ego – Chapter 4

Dedrick was in a trance when he saw her. Twice in one day, can’t be a coincidence. Leanna was her name right?

He was hyping himself up to approach her when the DJ played Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied.” Her attention immediately turned to the open floor and she began to lead the dance. A couple of other women joined her and they began doing the video choreography. And he could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. He watched with a smile, waiting for the opportune time to sneak a dance in with her. He found his chance as he danced towards her right as the lyrics hit: “Baby all I want, is to let it go. Ain’t no worries no…”

He snuck in between the girl that was dancing with Leanna and took over. He matched her perfectly. He caught on quickly and they danced the rest of the duration. Everyone watched their rhythm and their vibe, moving away to give them space. The DJ extended the song an extra three minutes and neither Dedrick or Leanna realized the song had long ended. They fed off of each other’s energy.

“Excuse me fella,” a husky voice disrupted their dance. “You done finished your dance. She needs to return to where she came from and who she came with.”

Dedrick didn’t respond, but he felt his heart drop into his stomach. “My bad, I didn’t know.”

“I didn’t come with anyone. I showed up here by myself and you invited me in to be at all VIP table,” her voice was soft yet stern and full of warning. “You could have left me outside and I’d still get in.”

The man eyeballed Leanna, undecided on the next course of action to take. “So you were in it for a free drink?” the man asked. He grabbed a glass of alcohol from one of the servers as they were going to the table to deliver it and attempted to throw it at Leanna. Luckily, Nakia was in play and already had the jump on dude. She slid three steps to the left, narrowly missing getting hit. Before she could react, security surrounded them. The commotion had caused the DJ to quit playing music for about 20 minutes.

They gently removed the man from the club and Leanna headed back to the bar for another drink. Dedrick followed closely behind, unsure of how to introduce himself.

He took a deep breath and swallowed before saying, “Mrs. Jackson,” he paused.

“My last name is Abraham.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you look like my future wife.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head while smiling at his attempted pick up line. “I’m Leanna,” she spoke.

“I’m Dedrick. You look great.”

“As do you.”

Then there was silence. What direction was it supposed to head in? The night was too young and the liquor had Leanna feeling reckless which was leaning into wild thoughts. She had to quickly get composure or she might end up saying something she would have reserved for later on as they knew each other better.

“Let me get a shot of whisky and a Long Beach for her,” he said to the bartender.

“How’d you know what I was drinking on? Were you watching me drink earlier?” She asked half jokingly-half accusingly.

“I could tell by your demeanor that you came to have fun and not to get too messed up. You look like you can handle your liquor well, so I just assumed. I’m sorry if I offended.”

“No offense occurred. It was just odd. I have friends that have known me all our lives that can’t even guess my top three drinks of choice. Now here you come guessing correctly off top.”

This may be premature, the night is still young, I should try to get her back to my house. I got to know what she’s working with in the bedroom. But I ain’t tryna be a creep. How do I make it her idea? He pondered.

“It would never be my idea if you already thought about it, sir,” She said as if she read his mind. He snapped out of his thoughts to see a smiling Leanna looking him up and down.

“Excuse me?”

“It was written on your face. Where do we go from here? You want me to come back to the house so you can put it down. You’re curious because this dress is just long enough, this V-neck cut is just revealing enough, the scent flowing from my body is just sweet enough.” She teased his senses and watched him silently fight off his arousal. She leaned into, taking in a huge whiff of his cologne. Now it was her turn to drift to a place she couldn’t truly be.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I don’t ever worry about where we go from here. Either you’re coming with me or I’m coming with you. You can take it how you want to. And I mean all of that.”

“I believe in the power of threes,” she retorted. “The universe will let me know if this was meant to be or not. How much do I owe you for the drink?”

He was taken aback. He’s heard no before, but not from someone who was mutually interested in him. “Nothing, the pleasure was all mine.”

“Maybe someday soon, the pleasure will be both of ours. I hope to see you again soon. If not, it was nice to meet you Dedrick.” Then she headed for the exit. When she got to her car it was 1:15am. As she opened the door, Dedrick was right behind her. “Oh shit!” she yelled out, scared half to death.

“I’m sorry Leanna. I couldn’t let you leave without giving you my number or at least getting yours.”

“I wasn’t intending on taking…” her voice trailed off. Nakia took over for the duration of the conversation. This is what you want, stop acting like a fucking prude. “I mean, sure why not. Hit me up when you leave the club. I should still be awake.” That’s a fucking set up Nakia. What do I look like waiting up for a man to call? “You won’t be awake. But you gotta pretend to be that interested. He’ll text to see if you’re up and possibly tell you how he noticed you earlier while he was at work and tried to catch you or some crazy shit. I got this Leanna, let me do us for you. Okay, but I’m not trying to have sex with him and I feel like that the direction you’re heading. 

They exchanged numbers and bid each other farewell before Dedrick closed the door after helping her get into her car. He waited as she started her call and pulled up to the light before he headed back inside to his entourage. There’s something about that girl.

“Dee, where’d you go? Did you get ol girl’s number at least? I thought for sure that was another one for you.”

He just shook his head, acknowledging he heard him but dismissing the conversation. He was still replaying her words to him. What started off as a lustful approach, ended in something different. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But his time to think about her was coming to an end. Within a few minutes his phone rang.

RING! “Hello?”

“What time you bringing your black ass home? Who told you to go to the club in my shit anyways? You always use me and my shit but don’t wanna be around me. Why don’t you go be with whatever bitch you found and use her. I’m done with your punk ass. Bring me my shit back and get the fuck out my crib.” CLICK!

He let out a deep guttural sigh and headed back to his group of friends. It was the same thing every night. She would always trip about him going out. Yeah, he met a chick or two that made him stop wanting to deal with her, but he came home every night to her. He had been stopped having sex with her. Maybe she knew he was half way in and half way out; that’s why she exploded. Or maybe she was tripping like she always does. All he had to do was dick her down one good time and she’d be all right for the next few weeks. Dedrick really thought about how to get out of her house. This time, he chose to put a chick’s number to good use.

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