Alter Ego – Chapter 5

She stopped at the gas station to fill up prior to hitting the highway home. She was at a quarter of a tank but knew it would get cold overnight and didn’t want the possibility of her tank freezing. The BP was popping, men were stunting in their clean ass rides and the women were showing off their fits.  Someone is getting chose. She chuckled to herself. Leanna stuck the nozzle in her tank and let it fill up. As she waited, the man on the other side of the pump struck up conversation with her.

“Saw you dancing at the club tonight. You got some pretty nice moves. Homeboy was feeling you too. I see he failed. Maybe you should let me holler at you.”

Midstream, Leanna stopped the pump, replaced the nozzle and got back in the car. She didn’t address him at all. On the drive home, all she could think about was Dedrick. She didn’t usually believe in love at first site, choosing to see it strictly as lust. However, the feeling she got was different this time.

Text him, the nastiest thing you can think of. No maam. I will be quite respectful and reserved. I don’t need those problems this evening. I thought you wanted to be something magnificent Leanna? You scared now? Just give me completely control for an hour. I can’t do an hour. I’ll give you 20 minutes. That’s more than enough time. Pull over the next chance you get, let me text him for you.

Defiant. Leanna drove straight home. She sat in the car in her driveway for a few minutes before she relinquished her power to Nakia. About time.

The seed was about to blossom. Nakia took Leanna’s cellphone and sent a series of texts. They started off respectful and playful. He responded accordingly and threw a few flirty messages out there. By the end of the night, Nakia successfully convinced Dedrick to come over “just to talk.” Then she gave consciousness back to Leanna.

 That wasn’t so bad now was it?

Leanna looked over her text messages and screamed. “Oh my God. He’s going to think I’m some type of loose woman. The hell did you do Nakia?” What you wouldn’t. Closed mouths don’t get fed. He wants it, you want it, shit you NEED it. “I’m going to nip this in the bud.”

Leanna pressed his name and his number appeared on the dial pad. Before she could hit talk, her phone lit up; he was calling her. The sound of her heart racing was pounding in her ears. She was at an impasse with her thoughts; still she consciously answered the phone.

“Good late night, sir.”

“Good late night, maam. Did you still want me to drop by?”

Now was her chance to reneg. She could blame it on the alcohol or act like she was just testing him to see where his head was. “I mean, it’s really late and I shouldn’t have invited you over. The only things open this late are Walmart, IHop and legs.”

He chuckled. “We can go two for three.”

“I don’t follow you.”

“I can make at least two of those things work in your favor.”

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