Alter Ego – Chapter 6

Leanna was at a loss for words. Her body craved him from the moment she laid eyes on him. But this was not the way she intended to start this thing off. “I think I may have came off a little stronger in my texts than I meant to. I don’t wanna mislead you.” Bitch! What are you doing?

“Oh,” he responded.

There was a short awkward silence and Leanna was sure that she had just messed up her chances. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time,” she responded after a few more moments. She was prepated to have him stop talking to her and end it like that.

“No, you’re all right. Do you still want me to come through? We can watch a movie, talk; get to know each other better.”

Her eyes lit up. Nakia even jumped up.  This might work out in my favor after all. There’s still an entire night to drop hints. I just need to pull on the proper strings to get Leanna to wear something, revealing. He already saw her beauty… think Nakia, think. I wonder if I tug a little on this part of her conscious will she…


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