Alter Ego – Chapter 7

Leanna jumped between being overdressed and underdressed, too sexy but not sexy enough; coming across as lame versus too sexualized. She didn’t want to be looked at as a sexual object. She had a lot more to offer than just her body. She was the total package.

*Brains – Valedictorian of her graduating high school class. Summa Cum Laude of her graduating undergraduate class. She was working on getting her Master’s in political science.

*Street smarts – She was raised in the hood and had common sense from her brothers and uncles. She rolled with a group of males and females that were just as close as she was to her blood family; so she understood her worth and had a reliable circle. She was never alone.

*Good girl – She had never been in any trouble of any kind.

*Personality – She was open, honest and real. She had walls up to protect her from hurt, but often lowered them if she deemed a person good enough to penetrate them. She was trustworthy, dependable, loving, caring, fiercely loyal but she was also a hard ass and rarely did she let anything get to her and she never cried.

She would go to bat for any of her people, but also let them know when they were wrong. Her passion lie deep within her; flowing poetically through her words. The only problem anyone could spot from her is that she often got lost in her mind. She created scenarios of how life would play out for her; where different paths would take her… she struggled with love and the auspices in which in operated from. She had been hurt before and she internalized it, often making rash and irrational decisions to prevent that type of hurt again.

So her chance meeting of Dedrick, not once but twice, threw her for a loop. A feeling she was all so familiar began creeping up into her soul. She didn’t want to get her hopes up but she didn’t want to be nonchalant.

I’ll wear this. She decided to change out of her little black dress and into her pink yoga pants and a tank top. It was comfortable, she was at home, and she wasn’t revealing any more or any less than what the dress had shown. As soon as she pulled her tank over her head, her doorbell rang.

Her heart raced; pounding so loudly in her own ears she thought she’d get a headache.

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