Alter Ego Chapter 8

He came to the door with a few grocery bags; breakfast foods. Dedrick planned on staying the night, and her cooking for him in the morning. He made sure to reapply his favorite cologne (Savage) and brushed his hair several more times to make the waves pop.

He was arrogantly planning to own her body. Had to make a good impression so that he begin to make an out from his current living situation. He knew he had decent enough pipe game and swag that he could convince her to fall for it.

After a few silent minutes, Leanna opened the door. Dedrick gave her a lengthy looking over. She was fine. Her tanktop hugged her breasts, exposing hardened nipples; but sat just above her belly button. She was wearing a gold belly chain that dipped just below her pink belly button ring. His eyes traced her legs down to her feet, admiring how the pink yoga pants fit. Once he began to scan back up he caught her bountiful ass. He was stuck staring without the ability to turn away. His manhood began to swell and then he realized that he may have attempted to bite off more than he could chew.

When his glance finally returned to her face, he saw a fresh smile and the brightest dark brown eyes he ever had. A sense of calm came over him and his mind changed. Something in her touched his soul immediately, but he could also sense a dark force within her. Dedrick chose to ignore the ominous warning and proceed into her home.

Her house was magnificent. She had several baby rubber trees that towered over two dark colored sofa seats and sofa. Her bookshelf was filled with black literature, and black art covered her living room wall. The smell of lavender incense filled the air. “She’s in her zen mode,” he said to himself. The inviting comfort and peace that he felt, completely took him out of his original mindset. He hesitated to keep his mind focused on anything other than her and his surroundings.

“Come in,” Leanna offered him. Once he got all the way in the house, she asked him about the bags. He smiled sheepishly, before providing a thoughtful and honest response. “Well ma’am. I was completely on some bullshit. I figured I’d fuck you real good, to where you’d want to make breakfast for when we woke up.”

Her smile never changed, although she felt a little tug at her heart strings. “It’s okay. It’s natural to be attracted to someone who looks like me,” she said playfully. “Plus, I’m fairly sure, it would be you who’d be cooking breakfast.” She winked at him.

Leanna took the food into the kitchen, putting the cold items up, and returned to her guest. “So Dedrick, I know I invited you over on some sex stuff, but I really am not into that. I was feeling myself a bit earlier and I’m not ready to do that.”

” I respect that Leanna. We can watch a movie until it watches us. This room kinda makes me want be mellow and cuddle.”

Under the TV, she opened up the doors of the entertainment center and revealed an extensive DVD/Blu-Ray collection. “Pick your poison,” she called out.

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