Alter Ego Chapter 9

“Brown Sugar,” he responded.

Well that was not what I expected him to say. He must think this is a cuddle movie. 

“That’s about the only one not in my archive. I wasn’t a fan. I got Love Jones though.”

“Friday,” he responded.

“All right.”

She felt his eyes follow her as she grabbed the Blu-Ray and inserted it into the player. The heat she felt warmed her soul. She could feel his energy calling out to her. But something else was calling out to him, and she went into panic mode.  Oh shit, I gotta repress her before she comes out.

A dark smile crept out of her subconscious and began to wrestle with her.  Let me play, just a little, the voice asked seductively. I won’t hurt him, and I promise he won’t think any less of you.

Nakia, go away. I don’t need you anymore.

Nakia smiled, You will need me. And when you decide to let me takeover, you won’t be able to come back. And as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared. Leanna let out a sigh of relief

“Anything wrong?” Dedrick called to her.

She had forgotten that she had a guest. “No, I’m good. Sorry, I just zoned out a little.” The little chat with Nakia had shaken her though. What did she mean by I won’t be able to come back?

She sat on the opposite end of the couch from him and he looked at her. “First time?” he chuckled.

She looked him up and down, still weary, but slid a little closer to him. He took the initiative and met her the rest of the way. “I promise I won’t bite you, until you ask.”

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