Alter Ego – Chapter 10

She’s looks like her skin is soft. I know underneath that shy exterior is a rowdy interior. She’s just waiting to let it loose. Good things come to those who wait Dee. She’s gonna come out of her shell and when she does, I bet it will be everything. Let me just continue to be a gentleman. Apologize…

“I’m sorry Leanna. That was a pretty bold thing to say. Not the first impression I wanted to leave you with.”

“No worries hun. I’m fairly sure I’ve heard that before and worse,” she twirled her few strands of hair around her fingers. A nervous tick that she had never been able to get rid of as a child.

The movie was half way over when Dedrick asked to use the restroom. She directed him down the hall to the left. He thanked her, then disappeared. Her mind was running a million miles per second.

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