Cuban Missile Crisis Pt. 2: 2014

I don’t generally delve into politics or political writing, although I often do the research and have the facts to support what I would agree of disagree with… it is still, however, only my opinion. But what’s been happening lately, it is really starting to bother me.

I’m not one to too much care what other countries/nations are doing to “prepare” for war or their ammunition increases, nor their long range missiles. China doesn’t bother me so much; even though they CLEARLY outnumber Americans and if they really wanted to would crush us with mere numbers and technological advancement alone.

No, I’m worried about the Bear in the East. Mother Russia. “She”, and I use the pronoun only as a reference to the mother part of the subject, has been in the same spot she is in right now… knocking on the US’s door within “mere” miles.

Let me take you back to the 1960s, under the administration of the late President John F. Kennedy. In a brief nutshell, the then-USSR (Russia, let’s be honest) deployed and kept ballistic, US-reaching missiles on Cuban soil. Mind you, a young Castro was in office and ready to defend his land at any moment. The US half-heartedly invaded Cuba the year before and Russia, in the interest of spreading socialism/communism/anything the US would disagree with, came to an agreement with Castro to secretly place the missiles on Cuba’s island. Then President of Cuba, Osvaldo Dorticos, backed everything Castro did as both USSR and Cuban leadership felt another invasion of Cuba was imminent.

A standoff occurred, people’s temper’s flared, a nuclear showdown was narrowly averted and we all are here presently. That was 1962.

52 years later, we are back at odds with Russia. This time, it’s more serious as the weaponry is much more advanced, and Russians are much more likely to “push the button” with no regards to who gets hurt.

They are ready to occupy parts of the Gulf of Mexico with the ability to “greet unwanted guests from the North and East.” In laymen’s terms, if the US or Nato and its allies want it, they can get it. And we caught in the middle, should be very concerned. I am well aware of Russia’s imperialistic acts in Ukraine (but the US is FAR from innocent when it comes to annexing land that already exists and belongs to others. I DIGRESS). I am well aware of the sanctions that US persuaded NATO to place on Russia. And we should all be made aware that Russia is not happy, and an angry bear has been awoken out the East.

Should this occur, there is not amount of time for evacuation, no amount of distance from the borders, no amount of anything that would preserve life near the range of the ships’ missiles. We are officially playing the game notoriously known as Russian Roulette. The exception is, most of us are unwilling participate. I urge you all to take heed, keep notice; communication and compromise can end this rush to conflict. But lack thereof has, so far, led us to another Cuban Missile Crisis.


Minimum Wage: The War on Poverty

First, let me apologize for my absence. I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues in my personal life. Struggling to deal with work, a single mother, my grandfather passed, my family fell (not is falling already broke) apart and the stress was just weighing down on me. Having said that, allow me to get back to my natural element of writing.

Today we are back discussing a topic that everyone has an opinion on. This is a very important topic. I write this, not only as a concerned citizen, but as a single mother who is definitely specified under the conditions of poverty for help.

Poor families by family type

Poor families by family type

According to the standards of living in Indianapolis, I should be able to pay $200 a week ($800 a month) for childcare, $575 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment, be able to pay electric and/or gas and have reliable transportation…. My annual income, even though I started in the middle of February and work less than 40 hours, should be $14,490. So a 1 year lease would run $6900, daycare would run $9600, and let’s say that gas and/or electric runs an average of $150 a month- $1800. Before an extras such as cable (a non necessity), a phone (a necessity), transportation (a necessity) and food (A NECESSITY), I’m already in the whole $3810 for the year. SO my argument for people who say “get a better job:they aren’t always available, they aren’t always looking for me and not working is NOT an option. Minimum wage is NOT a working wage. I make $9 an hour. I was recently approved for Indiana Health Plan (state funded) in which I only owe $329 for the year.

Poverty status for native born citizens

Poverty status for native born citizens

Poverty by foreign-born citizens

Poverty by foreign-born citizens

I’ve gathered some fun facts and graphs from various government websites to prove my point. I’m not just talking out the side of my mouth.

According to a study done by the University of Wisconsin and poverty information for 2012, I’m at the poverty level for 2 people. A two family household should have combined income of $14,937.

According to another study done by Poverty Guidelines , bot my child and I qualify for Medicaid. Unfortunately, in the State of Indiana, I do not qualify but my child does. So I am paying for healthcare but am forced to seek dental and vision coverage. Mind you, I’m already $3810 in the whole for the year.

So before you begin to tell someone that they aren’t trying hard enough or that they are living above their means, make sure investigate the cost of living and compare what they make to what they need for basic survival. Necessities are food, clothing and shelter. Privileges are bonus things like cable, vehicles, etc. I’ve provided some graphs to help everyone visualize the importance and stronghold that poverty has on us.

Breakdown of poor married-couple by work experience

Breakdown of poor married-couple by work experience

*all graphs and information on the graphs provided by*

Stress Kills

The title itself is self-explanatory.

Stress kills and it is slowly killing me. I’ve been told I”m failing as a mother, as a friend, as a potential (or non-potential) significant (or in) other, and even as an employee. I’m stressed out. And today takes the cake.

People do not understand the obstacles set in place for me. I’m almost 30, I’m a single mother, I have no family near/around me for support, the ones i do have claim I’ve burned bridges with them; I work almost 40 hours a week and after all my bills are paid and stuff for my son is bought, I have enough to get to and from work by bus. Stress is killing me.

I don’t get to clean my apartment like I should. I don’t really spend time with my son like I should, cuz I’m exhausted and by the time the end of work rolls around, I’ve lost patience and energy. I’m stressed out. A few weeks back, I experienced a shortness of breath. The following afternoon, while at work, my chest tightened up and I could barely breathe. When I got home, it relaxed until an event caused a flare up and my chest retightened. STRESS is killing me.

Then today, of all days, I decide (well not decide but it happened) to lose a check I cashed for $399.15. Searched high and low for it. It was no where to be found. I’ve never been short that amount of money without the ability for it to be found/recovered; I’ve never given someone back their check. If anything, I’ve shorted people. If they don’t find it, I’ll most likely be suspended until further notice and then (well you know the inevitable.) It’s one thing to quit. It’s another thing to get fired. Needless to say, I’m stressed.

So fans, I’ll be writing alot more and you’ll be reading a lot more… probably.

Until later….
“Silence Do Good”

Haves vs Havenots pt 4: Conclusion

The system that has been in place was designed for those who consistently fail, to continue to fail. For those who are trying to get up and get out, to continue to stay down. For those who are rich and prosperous, to remain rich and prosperous.

The new face of food stamps, people who are working full time hours, but do not make over 2000 a month (which is the poverty line per month.). I had a former co-worker who was working two jobs, had one kid and she got $436 in food stamps. What does that tell you? (Her rent was like $425 and she had utility bills to pay as well.)

Only the rich can afford the defenses to get them off of cases that (let’s be honest) they’d be found guilty of otherwise. Meanwhile, the poor (or indigent) are forced to use court appointed attorneys (public defenders.) So where one man can rape his daughter and get no jail time, two minors can be under the influence of illegal substances and endanger the lives of or kill people and get probation…. the others get arrested, jailed, charged, have their children taken with a chance of not getting them back for circumstances of trying to better themselves.

And I have an update. The boy with the Affluenza case in TX – he is in rehab. His parents do not have to foot the entire bill. The boy in Detroit, has been allowed back in school to finish his senior year. The boy who stabbed a bunch of people in Philly – his fate is yet to be decided.

Haves v Have Nots Pt 3 Cont’d.

Let me continue.

The point in our judicial system is NOT supposed to be for the criminals, it’s supposed to be for the corrective action of those needing rehabilitation. You are not supposed to “Fare well” in prison; especially if you committed a crime.

But unfortunately, this system was designed to punish those who are trying to do better by forcing them to stay in their situation. The Government needs the oppressed to stay oppressed, not attempt to become one of the “haves.” Why else would a woman trying to better her life be punished and not given a “slap on the wrist” versus the man who took the innocence of his child? MONEY.

We need to realize that the game has changed. It truly is no longer about race, ethnicity and/or gender, creed, etc. This is about if you have money or not. And when I say money, I don’t mean Shaq. I mean the man that pays Shaq. I don’t mean your favorite rapper, I mean the man that pays your favorite rapper. The CEOs of utility companies and the boards. But I digress.

When you want to stop using TANF, Food Stamps/SNAP, Medicaid, when you want to be financially dependent, they find a way to suck you back in…. Pt. 4 will be later tonight as a conclusion to summarize the last posts.

The Haves v The Have Nots Pt. 3: Economics 101

The second set of links I posted represented the system of oppression and how money can solve all of our problems.

The Du Pont heir was charged and found guilty of rape; of his three year old daughter no less. He was convicted. His punishment? No jail or prison time. According to the judge, the Delaware native would not fare well behind bars. *insert blank stare here*

An Arizona woman, who has two kids and is homeless, leaves her two kids in the car while she goes to a job interview. She arrested and thrown in jail. Since then, donations have poured in to help the woman from across the country.

What did we just learn? If you have money, you can stay out of jail. If you don’t have money… go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It’s craziness….

The Haves vs The Havenots Pt. 2 – Crime

The first couple of links I presented to you all were crimes that minors have committed in the past 6 to 8 months. All different states, different races, but under the age of 21. All of them faced fairly serious charges for their crimes.

The young man in Texas was 16 and was given 10 years probation. The judge’s decision was based on a so-called social disease called “Affluenza.” I spoke on that in a different post but I’ll give a summary of what it is. Affluenza is when rich kids can get away with whatever they want to because they didn’t know that they would be held accountable for their actions because they have money and figure they can pay for it to go away. That’s not the textbook definition, but it’s good enough. And in actuality, it’s true. On one hand, yeah 10 years of probation is pretty steep. And hopefully, if justice decides to prevail, if the kid messes up in those 10 years he’ll do jail time. However, what’s to prevent another situation of “affluenza” occurring for him in the future and him just accumulating probation time? He will never learn self-responsibility. He was a minor in possession of alcohol and consumed it. He got behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired. He killed four people as a result of his actions. 10 years probation is lenient to me.

The second young man was an inner city black kid from Detroit, who attend(s)(ed) Cass Tech. He is (was) a Michigan State University recruit. He body slammed a security guard. My take, the security guard deserved it. The kid was leaving school for the day (because school had just let out) and it was COLD outside, so he put his hood or his hoodie on his head. The security told him to take it off, several times, and then approached him. For what reason? I don’t know. Maybe security guard man was having a bad day? Maybe he truly believed he was more than just the SCHOOL security guard. Whatever the case may be, he was slammed and Kym Worthy had the boy charged as an adult with felonious assault. This case is still in court, but the likelihood of their being lesser charges (unless he PLEADS) is null.

The third young man, will be having his day in court. He went on a stabbing sprees in Philadelphia. Injured 20 plus people and I believe four people are dead. He is being charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds, four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault. Of course this all “alleged” even though the knife was in his hands, people were clearly running from him….. oh and his lawyer is seeking to have him tried as a juvenile. Apparently his family is like the Brady Bunch (aka square). I tried looking up information on pte father and the mother, nothing is coming up. Maybe if I lived closer. If they have money, which I assume they do, then this will be another case where a kid can go off and just get a slap on the wrist.

The fourth young woman is black and from Florida. I really didn’t want to post anything about Florida, because currently we ALL know that FLORIDA has issues with young black people. She basically made a homemade bomb on school grounds and it went off, didn’t hurt anyone and she was expelled and faces felonious charges of possession of a weapon on school grounds and (though it wasn’t specific in anything I’ve read) vandalism for damage caused. She’s apparently a good student who loves science.

In these four cases. We’ve seen one get off with a slap on the wrist. One not get the benefit of the doubt and two facing judges relatively soon. If the Detroit kid had money, would he have been charged with a misdemeanor assault charge? If the kid in Texas had no money, would he be held in a Juvenile detention center until he was 21 (or 18 in some states) and then transferred to another adult facility to fulfill the rest of his sentence?

Are the kids wrong? Without a shadow of a doubt. The kid in TX shouldn’t be drinking. And his parents should be in trouble as well. The kid in Detroit, should have controlled his temper. And the security guard should have backed up. WE ALL know how cold it was this winter. The Philly kid………. well you know. And no, the girl in Florida shouldn’t have been experimenting with bomb making on school grounds. (aluminum foil and draino.) The real question is, will there be leniency for the one where there were no injuries and severity for the one where there were many? Or vice versa? And what will become of the Detroit kid?

When will someone stand up for those with little money and defend them? And when will those with money realize that they need to be held accountable for their actions?

The Haves vs. The Have Nots Pt. 1 – Reading Is Fundamental – Kid underage drinks, gets behind wheel and drives, kills a family, gets 10 years on probation (16) – Kid slams security guard, charges with felonious assault. (18) – Kid goes on stabbing frenzy; currently charged as an adult with 4 counts of attempted homicide, one count of possession of a weapon on school grounds and 21 counts of aggravated assault; his lawyer is seeking to get the charges brought to juvenile court. (16) – Girl in Florida, good student, never in trouble, sets off explosive mixture on school grounds, expelled and being charged with 2 felonious counts. – man, heir of DuPont, charged with rape (of his then 3 year old daughter, which should have included a count of incest) will not go to prison or see any jail time – homeless woman leaves kids in car for interview, arrested for child neglect, abuse, etc. (Happy ending, people around the country came together to raise money for her and her kids)

Read all of the above stories. I will be back a little later with my Haves v Havenots Part 2. It will be followed by a part 3 as well.

Pro life v. Pro Choice

I am about to get very personal with you all. This post was inspired by an episode of Law & Order: SVU. To sum up the episode, a young girl (16) wanted to have an abortion, partly because she was scared of her father, the other because she was scared period. She tried to abort the child, but the doctor lied and told her she had a fever and needed to come back when she was healthy. This was an abortion clinic. He had her delayed until it was too late for her to abort the child. The girl arranged for her boyfriend to beat her up until she miscarried.

Long story short, the doctor said he saved an innocent life. But he ended up getting arrested.

I am pro-choice. That doesn’t mean that I believe abortions are a form of birth control. No. Abortion is a permanent solution to one pregnancy. That means, I do not believe YOU, I or the government should be able to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t do with her body. That means, if a woman is raped, I would not point at her and tell her she has to carry for 9 months, go through with the birthing process and live with the evidence of victimization.

Having said that, I had a choice, almost three years ago. I was in a very bad situation. Homeless, with someone who told em all the time they didn’t want me, in a city with no family, friends or help and to top it off, I had no job. I found myself pregnant. And I was afraid and scared. I didn’t want to abort the child, but how was I going to take care of a child and I could ill afford to take care of my own self.

I went to an abortion clinic and found I was too far for them. I went to another one, but some circumstances, made me turn away last minute. I planned to go to Ohio and have one, and leave the man behind as well, but I literally lost everything with my identity attached to it. Then one day, at church, I told myself EFF IT. I’m going to have this abortion. And I promise, as clear as day, a voice said to me “Or else.” I didn’t have one, and here I am two and a half years later a little better off and with the exact replica of me, in male form.

I love my son, and I would prefer for all women to give their offspring up for adoption. But if a woman wants an abortion, let her do it. I am not going to applaud her, but I’m not going to berate her. We all sin, who am I to point the finger just because I sin differently. Making abortion illegal, making birth control pills unaffordable/harder to receive, forcing a woman into a corner is not the answer to curb whatever agenda anyone has. Education is first. Conversation is second. The rest is up to that woman and her God.

I’m not a feminist, I’m just an equal opportunity believer. Having said all of that, LADIES… if you don’t want kids, or the headache attached to a baby daddy and his idiot family… do what you gotta do and/or have this man WRAP IT UP. Our children didn’t choose to be here….

Minimum Wage Bites (Pt. 2)

So earlier we were talking about survival. The war on minimum wage workers continues to wage. While this is happening, the rich continue to get richer.

The downfalls of being a minimum wage worker include: no benefits, not being able to make over 30 hours (and minimum wage is really anything under 35 scheduled hours not not including breaks) and having to fight for what little hours you get. But let me give you a kicker.

Due to a signed confidentiality agreement, I am unable to name the company but I can get as close as I can without being fired. There’s a company in Central Indiana that owns a several pizza joints in the area, and one other restaurant, that is not allowing either franchise to let their employees who are NON-management get over 30 hours of work. If they do that, they have to provide health benefits. They are also not paying anyone more than minimum wage and, for the pizza place at least, have raised the cost of some products this year.

Said company isn’t dishing out any more hours, wants labor low, better quality and non full time employees. Apparently the company is broke/broken or on the verge of just breaking even; so it would seem. Well then, having said that, can anyone explain to me how it is even POSSIBLE that this company would then be able to explore other restaurants and open them this year… if they can “barely” afford food costs or employee payment for the stores they currently operate?

Shady business. You be the judge.