Author Highlight: Interviewing Author James Gordon

Today’s Author Highlight is Author James “Commissioner” Gordon


James Gordon, better known as G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), is from Chicago’s Southside and is the author of six books of Poetry, has contributed to several anthologies, is the winner of several awards, and has recently wrote his first mystery novel, The Warmest Winter. James can also be seen on the television shows Empire, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Shameless, and Sirens and the movies Animals, Slice of Life, and Batman vs Superman. He can be found at his website GPA MEDIA INC and on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive

Social Networks:
Facebook: James Gordon, G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), and Hi My Name is Bobo
Reverbnation: Greatest Poet Alive
Instagram: unsubgpa
Pinterest: James Gordon


How long have you been writing poetry?
I started writing in 2007

What is your motivation behind your poetry?
The motivation when I write is to share my experiences, put smiles on beautiful women, and be the best ever.

What genre do you write in?
Children’s, Erotica, General, Love and Romance, and of course Mystery

What was the driving force behind writing a mystery novel?
You know, Poets write Poetry. Children’s authors write Children’s books, etc. But for a Poet, that Poet being me, to write all of it puts me in a different league if you will.  Mystery, Suspense and Thriller have always been my favorite genres to read. Chicago is my favorite city. I combined those things which I know to write The Warmest Winter.

What other things does GPA Media Inc. do?
GPA Media is a promotion and publishing machine. It will soon delve into videos and short films. And they pay for my suits. (Wink)

Are you looking to expand into film?
See above. Yes

Speaking of film, I see that you’ve been in several movies and TV shows (I assume as an extra) are you also an aspiring actor?
I didn’t start out as an extra. In my fist two films (Persian Version and Animals), I had roles and lines. Then I went to be an extra, featured extra and stand in on several shows. Also, I’m in a movie titled A Slice of Life where I play a bar owner and then in the Batman vs Superman movie as a pedestrian.

Is there anything you want potential new readers and other authors to know?
I am consistently stellar. Don’t be surprised by anything that i do. Take time to grab, watch, or listen to some of my work, and you will see. Also, thank you for the opportunity for this interview.

THANK YOU James “Commissioner” Gordon aka GPA for taking the time out to be featured on my blog. I appreciate it! Click on his book to access the amazon link page!