Author Highlight: Interview With S. Diggs

Damaged Book Cover

S. Diggs was born and raised in Miami, Florida in 1983. His love of the written word began by listening to hip-hop music. All the notable greats were influential to him through their usage of similes, metaphors, humor and punchlines. But far and above his favorite was (and still is), Tupac Shakur. S. Diggs’s favorite Pac songs include: My Block (from The Show Soundtrack), Blasphemy (from the Makaveli album), Staring Through My Rearview (Gang Related Soundtrack) and the entire Me Against The World album.

Diggs’ first story came while he was in the 5th grade as a homework assignment. It was then that his passion was unlocked and his love I have for writing took off. His goal is to take his reader on a journey and paint them a picture that can convey emotions and empathy for the people they may not know or who they know very well.





How long have you been writing?
I wrote my first complete story in the fifth grade for a English assignment. From that point forward, I have been hypnotized by the written word.

Who is your literary influence?
The very first novel I read was “Daddy Cool” by Donald Goines, when I was ten. It was then I first discovered urban literature. I also like Iceberg Slim, Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey, Carl Weber & Omar Tyree

How did you come about doing the book?
I always wanted to publish something which is why I kind of rushed the first book out the way I did. I actually built the premise for these stories I am currently working on by writing on a app called Wattpad last year. Then a friend told me I should publish my work and it went from there.

As a first time and indie/self-published author, how do you feel?
I feel great because writing is my passion and I get to share my gift with the public as well as receive praise and criticism of my material. Plus learning the business side of this endeavor as well as how to promote and sell myself and my work is a great learning experience.

What is your advice for upcoming authors?
Stay true to your material and write everyday. If no pen and paper is available, brainstorm ideas and concepts. Be the first you and not the “next so & so”. Different is always interesting and never bad, but “good enough” is never good at all. Let your passion show in your work. If you want to do this only for money and fame, it will show.

Describe yourself in three words.
Unique, Fearless, True.

What are you the most passionate about?
Meeting and conquering challenges placed in front of me. The best feeling in the world is the one where you simultaneously make your supporters proud as well as silencing your critics while remaining true to who you are.

What do you help to accomplish with your book?
My main goal is to spark the imagination and the creativity of that next generation of authors who are apprehensive about how their work is going to be received. To instill some motivation into them to continue on their journey.




Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Damaged – ENJOY!!!

Maurice had finished his second head and got great reviews on his work. Stella was smiling as she saw how good Maurice was with the clippers. George’s haircut came out amazing and it was done quickly.

This second guy wanted a blowout; his afro trimmed and the tips and back of his neck faded. Maurice used the clippers and a pair of scissors to do the trimming and fading. He then used a straight razor to shape up his hairline. He finished the guy in 10 minutes.

Stella looked at the front door and saw a woman walking with a young boy. She looked at Maurice and smiled. “And now for your biggest test yet.” The young woman walked into Maurice’s line of sight while he was cleaning the clippers and wiping down the station. She was gorgeous. Her face was smooth and blemish free. She had dark hair with strands of brown in it. He looked down at her shapely hips and thick thighs. She had a little extra weight, but she carried it well. He saw she had a little boy with her. This must be her son he thought. She and Stella talked for a while before turning their attention to him.

“Stacey, this is my new barber-”

“Maurice? Maurice Shaw?” Stacey asked while pointing her finger at him.

“Stacey? Stacey King?” He replied back. It was her.

The two of them smiled and ran toward each other with their arms wide for a giant hug. They hugged each other and laughed and squeezed each other tight. “It’s been so long,” Stacey stated. Stella stood there confused. “How y’all know each other?”

“We went to school together. He was Amanda’s boyfriend.”

“Oh this is that boy that you used to-”

“Yes I was,” Maurice replied, still with his arm around Stacey’s waist. She smelled so good, he thought. “So where is ya little man?” He asked trying to change the subject. The little boy was standing behind Stella’s legs.

“This is Vincent, my grandnephew. And Stacey is my niece, “Stella said.

“Oh, okay.” Maurice smiled at Stacey and she smiled back.

“Uhh lover man, what you go do with this child hair?” Stella asked as she saw that Maurice and Stacey were lost in each other’s gazes.

Maurice looked at the little boy and touched his hair to feel the texture. It was rough and dry. “I think we need to wash and comb it out before I cut it. That way I won’t snatch his hair.” Stella nodded as she agreed with his suggestion.

“Congratulations you are hired and you start tomorrow. We will discuss the money terms then. Meanwhile I am gonna wash my little man’s hair and comb it out. I will let you old friends get reacquainted with each other. ”

Maurice and Stacey sat down and began to talk. George smiled as he watched his son talk to Stacey.

PFC. LaVena Johnson

07/27/1985-07/19/2005 ~ First Woman from Missouri to die in Iraq ~Not yet 20

I’m not so sure this was race-related as it was more women-related. She was a young black girl from Missouri. Very smart, top of class in high school. She chose to serve and fight for her country. 6 weeks into her journey, her life was tragically cut short.

Like so many cover ups by either the military or the government, she too is one of the cases. Her death was ruled a suicide. However, the condition of her body, the inexplicable other wounds, do not coincide with suicide. They coincide with a heinous, covered-up homicide committed by men and/or women who this young women trusted as her brothers and/or sisters. She was raped, beaten, burned, and tortured.

She wasn’t attacked by “the enemy” either. She was savagely accosted by some of her own. These types of things happen a lot on military bases, I have from a reliable source. They often go unannounced due to women fearing to be unjustly demoted, discharged or punished. It’s a cruel world that military women live in and I salute each and every one of them who has made it through and is safe.